Messages 2019 and 2020

How to deal with the changing conditions of this Earth at this time

March 29th, 2020

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Beloved souls, I am Josephus and I have come to talk about the changing conditions of your world. At this very moment, each of you are being blessed with Light. Each of you can be a partner with the Heavenly Father to be a channel of Light in the world for each of you here are earnest souls, seeking souls, souls who are willing to go beyond their own personal view and need and perspective to something greater, something higher and in alignment with God.

So as you pray together and as you pray singly, you are changing the atmosphere of the world. You are adding some light to the world. It is important at this time that you make every effort available to you in prayer and contemplation, in that which you do each day, and that which you say each day. To bring greater light to the world, for God is flooding the world with Light. God is bringing change to your world.

As you well know the world is always changing. The energies of the world are in flux at all times. Most do not realize that their thoughts and efforts, their desires and their actions help to contribute to that changing of the energetic pattern that is the world. So I encourage you, beloved souls, that each of you may take time in your day to help generate light through prayer, that each of you may generate light through your thoughts, your actions, your times together with your families and with others.

Rather than walk in the world with fear, walk in the world with light and joy. Ask to be a channel of God’s Love, a harbinger of Light and Truth. Ask to be a change agent in your world contributing to the conditions and fluctuations of the world in a positive way, a way that will assist God in bringing the Light and change to the world that is required in order to bring greater harmony.

So much of the subtleties of your world, you do not understand. Some of you are concerned that you cannot even feel the Grace of God and that your minds are so active and powerful. Your thoughts dominate. It is a discipline, beloved souls, a discipline of the mind that is required. Yet everywhere you turn there is stimulation of the mind that your devices and communication instruments continue to infill your minds with many images and thoughts and ideas thereby stimulating deeply the various lobes of the brain and the thoughts of the mind which carry you away from that Godly place within you.

I suggest to you that maybe you do not require such an influx of information that is constant and relentless. Maybe you might walk in a forest or a park, some place in nature where that stimulus is gentle and uplifting and of course, to spend more time in prayer and contemplation of things of God and things that are spiritual. You cannot go through life in this great whirlwind of the thought condition of the world and feel that you must be immune from these conditions just because you ask God to make you immune. Yes we may help you and assist you in releasing those conditions that you may carry and absorb through your day. We do so often, as long as your prayers are for the highest and you reach for God with sincerity seeking the Grace of God upon you.

If it was not for the ministrations of the angels and the Touch of God upon you, I would say that your condition, your thought condition and your feelings and the energies about you would be far less of light and more attuned to the darkened conditions of humanity. We realize that this is a great struggle for all of you, to step beyond the human condition to something that is more of God’s Grace. The power of your prayers to receive the great gift of God’s Love is your greatest ally and instrument to bring some inoculation from these conditions. You must pray often. Take time through your day and raise your sights toward God. This will then neutralize the conditions that are constantly surrounding you and bringing you into that mindful state of which you feel so frustrated with that is constantly drawing you away from that gentle awareness of the soul.

Do not despair, beloved souls, for God is always there. The angels are always at your beck and call. Help is available at every moment of every day but it is for you to choose. It is for you to decide that these human conditions are not worthy of your attention. Those conditions within you that have created disharmony may be dispelled by the power of God’s Love. This is the great healing elixir of God’s Touch upon each of you. It is not denied to anyone but available to all. Do not despair, beloved children, who struggle, for all children of your world struggle to some degree or another. Even those of great wealth, even those who have all the luxuries and pampering of a world that supplies those needs endlessly, they too struggle. They too are not in a state of grace.

So those who are taking the time and focus upon upliftment, of staying in harmony with God, of being a child of God, you are given every opportunity and blessing to do so. It is for you to decide firmly within your minds and resolutely within your souls to be in harmony with God. You may pray to God and ask, “How might I be in harmony with you dear Father? How might I be at peace and in your Grace, in the flow of your Love? Please, Heavenly Father, place me in the flow of your Love, assist me, show me the way to this Grace and peace that your Love may flow into my soul awakening those deeper parts, those parts that so desperately need my attention and are awaiting my efforts to come closer to you, dear God.”

Say these prayers, beloved souls, from your heart. Walk in the Light of God. It is so needed in your world, especially as there is so much fear at this time. You will assist God to bring the healing required, the harmony that is required in your world as God continues to pour His Loving Energies upon your world, His world that He has created, so that all may come into balance and harmony. This process will take time and take great effort.

Are you willing to walk with God and to abide by His plan for the salvation of humanity? For this plan is in place and is being enacted at this very moment and will continue to unfold in surprising ways, in challenging ways, in ways that are meant to bring harmony and peace to your world.

You may choose to continue to join humanity in all its distractions, conditions, thought, energies and paradigms of reality. Or you may choose to be with God, to walk with God, to be an instrument of God’s Will. All these things are possible provided you choose them and commit to this great flow of change and transformation which must first happen within your soul and then be expressed through you as God’s instruments.

This is a time of great opportunity, beloved souls. This is a time to place your feet firmly on the path that is in alignment with God and to reject soundly the ideas and intentions of men who continue to see the world as a place that they must dominate and shape in their own image. This is error and it shall not stand for much longer, beloved souls. For the world is a Creation of God and must be a reflection of God’s Creation, the harmony of His Creation, the beauty of His Creation, rather than being sullied by the whims of humanity so intent on power and control of material possessions and lack of empathy for the conditions of the world.

It is time for great change and great change is coming. You are feeling the first waves of this change. It shall intensify and bring humanity to its knees, not because God wishes for this, but because humanity has chosen this. So I urge you to align yourselves with the Light that is being poured upon your world, with God’s intentions to bring harmony to your world. It is God’s desire that each of you align yourself with him, so that there are those instruments in the world who are willing to walk with God, to abide by the Will of God, to be a channel of love and blessings for their brothers and sisters. For every soul who is in alignment with God will be able to save many other souls who are lost in the darkness of this world of yours.

As the change comes, as conditions intensify, as challenges are great, God is in need of instruments who are strong and clear and of light and love. Are you those instruments, beloved souls? Are you strong enough? Are you in the condition of light and peace and love, your souls radiating the gift of God’s Love intensely?

It is God’s intention that you may be gifted in this way, that you may have all that you require to be His instruments and channels of love and light and truth in the world, to have such deep wisdom of the soul that others cannot deny the truth that you carry and the perception that you may have that is awakened in the soul. This power to change the world as God’s instruments is available to each one of you who is willing, but first and foremost, you must align yourself with God, to continue to pray for His blessings, to open your souls so that His Essence may flow within changing and healing your very soul and making you His most worthy instrument.

These things are possible. Whether you are in alignment or not, these changes will come. But with alignment with God, these changes will be a joy not a burden and will be seen as a gift, not a blight and that you will be used to lead others into the light of truth that is in alignment with the Laws of Creation, the Laws of God. Not that you will be a stern harbinger of truth but rather a channel of love and light.

May you find your way to that place of true awakening of the soul. May you understand that this is the only true choice going forward in your life. That in prayer, private prayer between you and God, will come all the answers that you require. We are not urging you on to some religious pogrom towards the world, no. How many times have men been destructive carrying the banner of religion forward? This is not the way. The way is of you and God together, acting together in alignment, in peace, in harmony and in joy. God will guide you each day. God will show you the way forward. God will put before you opportunities to be His instrument and channel of love in the world.

It is love that will heal the world, beloved souls. It is not the will of men but the Will of God is Love. The Will of God is Light. The Will of God is harmony. May you come to know the Will of God, beloved souls and be His channels of love and light. This is all that is asked of you. It is all that God asks of any soul upon your world: “Come and be in the light. Come and be in truth. Come and be in harmony with all that I have created.” This is all that God asks of you, that love may reign supreme upon this world and with love comes such wisdom that you may move forward and create a world with God that is love and light, that nourishes all that is upon your world, for this world may supply all your needs, as God has made this possible but it must be done in harmony with all of Creation. May you see this, beloved souls. May you come to understand through the eyes of your soul what is truth and what is meant to be.

You are all blessed, beloveds. God blesses your soul. God will continue to pour His mighty blessings upon you. You are touched by God. With this Touch comes the awakening, the knowing, the peace and the sense and true understanding that you are loved.

God bless you, my friends and thank you for listening to me today. Thank you for coming together in this Circle of Light. May you find the nurturing that your soul truly desires. May you come to know your true relationship with your Creator. May love abound between you all and bind you together in light. God bless you. I am Josephus. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you.