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It is the Time of Purification

September 8th, 2017

Oregon, US of A.

Received by Anyas.


Urantia: “Dear daughter of Mine, you wish for us to establish a heart-to-heart relationship. You wish to get to know Me more in depth. Indeed, so few of My children really understand what I am all about.

“I am not merely a ball of minerals swirling through the ether. Just as He created you to live in more than one dimension, the Father created Me with similar abilities and in like modalities.

“As you do, I have a very material body. Sadly, this is what most of you understand Me to be. They overlook the fact that I too have an emotional and a spiritual body. I am your Mother Earth. I am nurturing each one of you during your stay in My womb. I am providing you with the elements necessary to sustain your body — but I am also providing you with a loving cocoon.

“Whenever Love is involved, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are present. I am sincere and consistent in the Love I feel for all the creatures living in my auric field. I am also displaying much Beauty for those who have eyes to see. My heart is filled with the desire to do Good to My children of time.

“Yet, love unreceived is love unreciprocated and this is the cause of great emotional hurt as well as planetary turmoil. I am subjected to extremely unbalanced human emotions and when constantly fed, they are poisoning My own being by the emotional toxicity they generate and that is also mirrored in actions driven by greed and selfishness — actions that do not take into account the necessity for a wise planetary management.

“Anger affects me deeply — just as it affects you when there is ‘electricity in the air.’ I was not created to be the battlefield of hate. Yet, so many wars have taken place on My epidermis that I too have become a deeply wounded and traumatized victim.

“It is time for My children to realize the impact of their short-sighted decisions. Not only do they harm themselves in the process but they also adversely affect their life’s environment — Me included.

“Now is the Time of Purification. I am not rebelling through climatic events and cataclysms. Just as your mind is being adjusted by your Indwelling Spirit in order to bring you back on a rightful spiritual track, I am undergoing a mighty energetic adjustment that, at the same time, makes My children aware that I am a living entity.

“Learn to connect with Me in Love and Peace. This will change the emotional climate and do all of us great good. Love and Peace restore the soul and mend broken hearts.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.