Messages 2019 and 2020

God is Preparing Many Souls for What is Coming

April 1st, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Beloved souls, it is Andrew. Pulses and waves of God’s Love continue to strike this Earth, uplifting humanity and bringing about the conditions for change in this world. I know that your prayers to be with God have intensified as a result of these conditions that come and will intensify in time. God is preparing many souls for what is coming. God is opening many doors for each one of you so that you may awaken within your souls. As you sit in these Portals of Light, the blessings that come are intense and powerful with the intent of awakening your souls, provided you open and receive this great gift of God’s Love.

There is much that yearns to awaken within your souls. God truly desires that the potentials that have been laid within your souls may be realized. For with each opening, with each new gift that comes, the deeper the wisdom that grows within you. The perceptions, keen and clear, will be a great gift for those of you who serve humanity in the future. It is important that each of you are earnest in your prayers and redoubles your efforts to receive this gift of Love for time is of the essence.

You must be ready to serve in a multitude of ways so that when the call comes, you will be clear channels of the Father’s Love, awakened in His Love, sure-footed as you walk in this world, clear and beautiful channels. Open to God’s guidance, direction and carrying the torch of Truth and Love, strong in Light, so that your faith may be unwavering and your capacity to serve may be deep and powerful. For many of you we have prepared you for a number of years, and we continue to do so. We wish for you to be focused upon this task of releasing all conditions that are not of God, of receiving ever-greater portions of God’s Love within your souls, of allowing what it is that God wishes to give you to flow freely, unrestricted, that your minds may acquiesce to your souls.

My beloved, beloved children, you continue this sojourn upon the Divine Path and have accomplished much in the years you have been upon this path. There comes a time now when old habits and old thoughts need to be released so that you may accept the coming changes that God intends to bring to this world, that you may absorb this before all others to truly be that shining example, that beacon of light that will uphold many. Letting go of the old is what is required.

Embracing the new in joy and acceptance will bring great freedom and joy to you. Profound insights will come and revelations. You will see the world through the eyes of your souls. You will know yourself in this way and know God in a deep and profound way. His Love will color all that you experience in your life. You will come to recognize the power of your own soul that has been touched deeply by this Love. There will be no fear, no trepidation and no doubt, merely a sense of purpose and direction, a knowing of God’s Will, a flow of wisdom and Love unending through each of you. This is what God wishes of you, my beloved brothers and sisters. This is what your souls have longed for and know it is purposefully directed to do.

So the time is short. The work is great. The need is great. The world hovers on the brink. You must be strong. It is the strength of your soul that will carry you through all conditions and all that may stand in your way. God will uphold you. God will guide you. God will help you to see clearly the road that you must take. God will protect you, you and your families, those who are close, those who carry this Light. Those who desire to bring change and harmony to this world will have God’s Hand upon them. You will know this. You will truly know that you are blessed and upheld, protected and loved, ministered to by angels, carried by the winds of love and change to a new era in your world.

The world has been waiting for this for a very long time. We in the Celestial Heavens have been preparing for this for generations. The time has come for the fruition of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind, uplifting this world, bringing all that is not in harmony back to balance and light, and inviting humanity to participate in God’s Creation in their rightful place as co-creators in this world of yours. To do so requires deeper wisdom and love than what the majority of humanity has expressed in their lives.

So you must sound the depths of your soul, the depths of what is possible, what God has created within you, what can be ignited by His Love. In this way, you will lead. In this way, you will draw the children out of the darkness into the light. Each of you has been prepared. Each of you has the wisdom to share. Each of you knows the power of your own souls. What is required is a deep strength, an insistence upon light, truth, love and to be an example of such no matter what conditions you are faced with, to go to God for all that you require, for what guidance is necessary, for what truth must unfold and be lived by in your world.

So, my beloved brothers and sisters, are you ready? Have you prepared? Do you truly know what it is that your soul speaks to you in wisdom that yearns to be with God and to be in harmony with God’s Laws? Are you ready to take up the banner of Truth, to walk forthrightly through the forest of this dark world, find your way to Light?

God’s Plan will guide you. His Truth will be your anchor. His Love will uplift and, rather than grieve the losses of the old world, you will joyfully embrace what is new and beautiful. Are you ready to walk in such Light and embrace it with all of your beings?

May God bless and strengthen you, my beloved friends. May you truly know the wonderment of your own souls, the wonderment of what God has created, the wonderment of the Great Oversoul that is God. These things are given to each soul who is willing to be open and receive. May you, my beloved friends, truly understand your destiny as you travel towards at-onement with God. May God’s blessings be with you along your path in such abundance, such beauty, such power that you will shine with bright light, a beautiful countenance of the soul awakened in love.

We accompany you, my dear and beloved friends. We are with you. It shall always be so and we love you. God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew and I love you. God bless you.