Messages 2017 and 2018

God Needs Those Who are in the Light to Help Humanity Through the Coming Changes

March 13th, 2018

Hawaii Kai, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


It is inevitable that the climate of your world will change. What is coming cannot be stopped because you have created through your industrialization and pollution and all these things that you have added to the atmosphere of this world, including your own thoughts, the thoughts of mankind, has created such a condition of disharmony that a response such as what this instrument has seen is likely, but not preordained by God. God would not bring suffering to His children. But God has created laws in the world and the universe which have consequences, but are created for the benefit of all living things in the world. When these laws are tampered with and ignored and violated, there are consequences. Humanity can choose a course of healing for this world and for themselves. But we see the darkness in the world, and we see the conditions worsen, so we see the vast majority of humanity is asleep and merely seeking material gratification. The likelihood is that these consequences and changes in the world may come about.

So as you well know in your own personal lives, my beloveds, that often the greatest learning comes with pain, with the challenge to bring harmony to yourselves when you sow disharmony. So it is in the world of your brothers and sisters, of which you are part of that family of the world, you will reap the whirlwind of the consequences of your actions. What those specific consequences will be is not altogether foretold. But indeed we do have insights as to what may happen in the near future and we have given this instrument a vision of such. Your prayers indeed may help to neutralize these horrible consequences to humanity and so I encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to look realistically at the intensity and power of the dark conditions of this world that must inevitably bring consequences of pain and strife. 

You have heard the phrase “living in a fool’s paradise”. Indeed humanity is living in this state of somnolence, sleeping through their lives and not bringing forth within them the potentials and beauty of their souls, with the wisdom that may come to each soul in this world that will change their actions and see the Truth that you are all connected together in this world. Those of you who seek Light, who seek to be awakened, I urge you to continue in that search, and on that journey. As you awaken, indeed, you will be more aware of these conditions. You will see more intensely and clearly the error that is rife within this world of yours, the error that must come back to harmony and to Truth. So each of you in your souls know that you carry the burden of this responsibility, to bring Truth and Light and harmony to your own lives. This is your responsibility, beloved souls. Indeed the power of prayer is a magnificent thing and Truth. Utilize this wherever you may to bring harmony back to this world. Be a channel of Love, be clear of your intentions. Be strong in your faith. But I tell you, God will warn you of things to come. God will help you to find your way through the chaos of the world. You must take seriously these warnings, not in fear, but in concern and in prudence for your own wellbeing. You may sound the alarm, beloved souls, but not to foment fear and confusion, but to bring clarity, to bring an opening and a way that many may survive these travails and find greater Light in order to bring this world into harmony.

Yes I speak seriously to you, beloved souls, but these are serious times and you must all awaken. You must all ask the question: “What may I do to serve God in these times, to serve humanity in Love?” God will answer your prayers and God will show you how to serve and be in this world as an agent of change to help neutralize the darkness and to bring Light. Yes you see these problems and these conditions so vast and overwhelming. But you cannot allow yourself to sit back in acceptance, to see this as inevitable, for mankind has the power of free will, of choice. So you must remind your brothers and sisters there is always a choice. You may always choose Light over darkness, Truth over error. Indeed those things that are coming are reminding mankind of their own power and their own choice. The Truth will set you free, my beloveds, remember this. The Truth has power and the Truth will show you the way to find greater harmony. Seek the Truth always. Make the Truth a part of you. Bring it into your hearts, into your souls, into your minds.

For these big problems that you see, these great challenges that are ahead, remember God has a Plan. Seek to be a part of that Plan, to be in harmony with the Will of God. This can only be done by the awakening of your souls and the harmonizing of your mind and your soul to that place where you and God are aligned in Truth and Love. May this be your daily prayer and may this be your prayer for all of your brothers and sisters, to bring in the alignment that will bring about harmony for mankind. 

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you and keep you safe in times of travail. He will do so. He will surely protect and guide you for He needs many who are in the Light to bring the Light and to enlighten the lost souls. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine. My love indeed is with you all. God bless you.