Messages 2017 and 2018

Earth Changes are Coming

January 15th, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by A.F.


God bless you, precious souls, I am Peter. Change is coming to your world, deep changes. Changes that will touch every one of you. You must prepare within yourselves. You must be close to God, to be under God’s protective care, to be in that great flow of His Love and Light, to know your Heavenly Father in a deep and abiding way. This requires effort from you, my beloveds, a deep effort to reach beyond yourselves and to be open to the Touch of God, to be carried by His Love, His Grace, His Strength, His Guidance.

For too long man has relied upon himself, has created a world that is not in harmony with God’s Creation and has stepped beyond the bounds of a harmonious world. Now humanity will reap the consequences of their destructive natures, their desire for the material above all else, leaving destruction and pain in their wake.

Humanity is not evil but because of the gift of free will you are powerful creatures in this world. You are able to choose, to make of this world what you will. When you collect all of these energies, efforts, thoughts, deeds of every soul upon this planet, you create a powerful force for good and for evil and there must come a time when mankind must recognize their own power and own responsibility that comes with it. Mankind cannot go blindly upon this planet, taking what it will and leaving behind the destruction and pain that is so common, that comes with the touch from humanity that is both ignorant and self-consuming.

No, my beloveds, you are on the right track. You are seeking God. You are seeking light. You are seeking to be a channel of love and light in this world. You must continue with a fervency and a deep desire to touch the many souls around you, to bring Truth as you can through your perception and your souls, to walk in the light, to be true to yourselves and to have your eyes open, my beloveds, open to the Truth, open to who you truly are, open to God’s Will. For these dilemmas, beloved souls, cannot be cured by the will of man. No, mankind must turn to God, to seek the Truth, to seek Love, to seek clarity, to release that deep desire to build around you a sense of security through material accumulations. Beloveds, this is error.

The true foundation is a foundation built on Love, a soul liberated by Love, a mind that bows to the soul and the soul’s true understanding of what life is meant to be. This is a great challenge for you, my beloveds, a great challenge for humanity. So much is rent asunder. The conditions of your world are not conducive for light and healing, joy and love. It pleases we in spirit to see how you build around you and amongst you an oasis of light, to bring joy, acceptance, love and Truth.

This is what is required in your world. It is Love that will heal all that which is not in harmony with God. The power of Love will bring about the healing that is required and you my beloveds, carry this Truth. You carry a light, it is your opportunity and blessing to give, to be a channel of light in the world. It is a choice as it is in all things a choice. Choose wisely. Seek the guidance of the Creator. Walk your path as honestly and truthfully as you can, and seek to reach out to others. Draw them into this light, embrace, be humble, be generous, be kind and most of all, be within the Grace of God. In that flow of Love, God will use you to bless many souls, to bring Truth, to help bring those who are within the world wind of these changes into the Light.

Much rests upon you, my beloved souls. Those who seek Light are given great responsibility to walk this world and express Truth and Love. May you be strong enough, clear enough and with God in a powerful way that you may truly help bring this world to a place of harmony and balance, of joy, of peace. The power of Love, my beloveds, the power of Love will carry you and carry this world to that place of Light and Harmony. Walk with God, beloved souls and be that channel of love.

God bless you. I am Peter and I bless you with the gift of strength and perception that you may see your way through these forests of dilemmas, confusion, to a place of clarity and powerful instrumentality in the world. God bless you. Embrace this Light and be in the Light. God bless you.