Messages 2019 and 2020

Choose to Drink the Sustenance of the Life of the Soul

May 27th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Yes, it is your teacher Augustine. May the Father’s Love continue to flow into your souls, beloveds, and awaken all the aspects and wonders and gifts within. There is so much for you to come to know, so much for you to come to express. As you grow in God’s Love, as you awaken in this Blessed Energy, this Essence of the great Soul of God, faculties and abilities that can only be awakened by this Essence will do so and flow in harmony with the levels of understanding of Truth, of Love within you that graduate upward with the blessing of God’s Love.

Remember that you determine the rapidity of this awakening and the extent of the effects of God’s Love within you. Yes, you have free will and you determine what comes, what is possible. God gives to all freely and does not restrict any soul to grow in Love, to grow in its capacities, to express all the wonderments within. It is like this in everything in your world, for you to determine much by your free will and choices. You restrict much by your minds and perceptions of what you call reality.

So, in many cases, you limit your own growth and awakening because you are unable to conceive of something far greater than what is. In this way, you plod along on your course that is safe and feels secure for you have control of your destiny. Yet, in truth, there is such a vast array of influences, energies and conditions in your world that you do not have control, that every soul is quite vulnerable to many, many things that may happen in your world. So your sense of control is an illusion. Your sense of creating your own destiny is merely acting out your sense of what you desire and wish to be in the world. In many ways, that which is of your mind, that which you control with your mind is illusionary and not in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation and Love.

Those things within your mind have been placed there over many years. It is the reflection of the human condition. It is a powerful determinant of your life because you and all in this world allow it to be so. You believe that what you perceive, how you are in the world is reality. It is a form of reality but a reality that you have created and all of humanity has created making this world a reflection of the human condition and not allowing the Truth of God’s Creation, the effects and influence of God’s Will and blessings upon this world to be realized. For humanity continues to block the true condition of God in your world. Instead, it has created many religions and concepts and ideas of what is truth and insists upon these things whether they be a reflection of the mind, a judgment of what is real and valid, or a reflection of accepting others’ teachings of what they believe is real.

Nonetheless, all is in many ways illusionary. The Truth in all its beauty and subtleties and richness and depth may only be truly received and understood by the soul. So you continue to delve into your souls to come to understand these aspects of yourself that are so difficult to access in this world of yours. Yet, with the power of God’s Love, with the immense power of God’s Love, you may come to know Truth and have a true perception of the world, of the universe, of God and of your own inner universe. These things are available to you if you are open and willing to allow the Truth of the soul to bubble forth into your consciousness.

Now you speak of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. Indeed humanity has created this particular reality that is so contrary to God’s Creation that he (mankind) continues to bring destruction upon this beautiful planet, continues to indulge his insatiable appetite for material things and power and control, again reflecting the condition of the mind.

When we speak of God bringing salvation to humanity, what we speak of, as these destructive forces continue to affect the world and destroy the many creatures of this world and the very fabric of this world, is that God will salvage those who are willing to look beyond the illusions of their minds and come to the reality of their souls in relationship with God.

So this is why we continue to encourage you to seek this relationship, to open, to be open to the possibilities of a new reality and a new understanding of Creation that has always been there but rarely acknowledged. In this way, those who are strong enough, able enough, enlightened enough, filled with enough love for life and all of life will persist through the changes that are coming and will persist through the cycle of destruction that humanity has initiated in your world. You will be protected and guided and you will survive to help rekindle a new reality, one that is true and one that is in alignment with God.

So consider the power of your own free will, that each day you make choices. You continue to walk upon the path of your daily life with the opportunity to choose to be in harmony with God, to put aside the childish illusions of humanity and to see the Truth for what it is. For this Truth that God gives to you that comes with the awakening of your souls is truly magnificent and joyful. It gives you many insights that would not be possible otherwise and much wisdom that emerges from your soul is given to you by God’s gift of Love, an understanding of the true nature of life and the meaning and purpose of life.

This will all come with the awakening of your souls, this gift of life, this gift of knowing all of you, all of you in harmony and in balance with your true natures, your true selves. It comes with the gift and power of God’s Love awakening those parts of you that continue to sleep. Though it is important to respect the faculties of the mind, the material mind, it is most important to incorporate the faculties of the soul and to merge these two elements together, these two ways of perception to one perception that is great and powerful and beautiful. So that when your time comes to reach out to humanity, the many children and the many souls you will meet, you will have the Truth deeply set within your consciousness. Thus you will walk with the Truth and speak the Truth and give the Truth to humanity, knowing through the sensitivities and perceptions of your soul what words you may speak, what you may give to each soul as you meet that will uplift them and bring them up from the miasma of the human condition into the light.

You are all capable of this. You all have within you this great gift of God’s Love. It continues to build, it continues to awaken you. Think of this daily. Pray for this often. Allow this transformation to take place so that you may truly go out into the world and be God’s clear and beautiful channels of Love and Truth. This is true purpose. This is what you are meant to do. But first, you must do so for yourselves, to make those choices to awaken, to be in alignment with God, to allow God’s transformational Love to change every part of your being and bring you to that place of true knowing.

It is your choice. Neither God nor we interfere with your choice. We may encourage you. We may assist. We may bring blessings and we may uplift but we cannot make you drink of the Living Waters of God. It is your choice. May you choose well, for each soul here and all the souls in the world thirst for this gift but often the stubbornness of the mind turns away from the great Well of Water that is God’s Love. Do not turn away, but drink and drink the sustenance of the Life of the Soul. It is available to you and will never be withheld. It awaits you. It is here for you. May you reach for it and drink your fill.

God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you dearly and continues to encourage you upon your path. God bless you. God bless you, beloved students. I am with you always. God loves you.