Messages 2019 and 2020

In the End there Will be Peace and Harmony

December 20th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

I am your teacher Augustine. Yes your world is in deep distress. It is everywhere. There are times when it becomes quite evident that the conditions of your natural world are under gre-t duress. Yet, hidden under all the natural cycles and evident matter of your world, there are contradictory energies and conditions. These continue to cause tension and abrasion in your world as this condition intensifies and as these energies continue to be contradictory towards one another - one that is the expression of God and His Creation and the other is the expression of man and his creation fighting for dominance upon your world.

Though God’s great energies, the foundation of creation within the world, will persist and not disappear, it can be weakened by the human condition, that condition is created by your actions, your thoughts and the inhumanity to man that continues to be expressed throughout your world and the deep patterns of thought and need and desire that continue to see the world in a way that it is not of life but an object for the gratification of humanity. Until these attitudes change, until the majority of those who inhabit your world are willing to see beyond the veil of their own personal needs and consider what is in harmony with the great Creation of God which is your world, then these conditions of strife will continue.

It is serious indeed and we have great concern and empathy and love for you all, for in some way you will all be affected by these conditions. It is inevitable. As the conditions of the world continue to intensify, so your weather, your topography, the oceans and all that makes up your world will be shifting and turning, attempting to heal itself and create conditions that are in harmony with the Laws that God has set into place.

My beloved and beautiful friends, though we will protect you and we will try to make these conditions less difficult for you, it is inevitable that you will be subject to these unfortunate shifts and transitions in the world. Prayer indeed is the antidote. Put aside your fears, your great concerns and place your faith before God, understanding that in God’s Will and God’s timing and God’s blessings the change that will happen will bring harmony in time. A harmony that will be more substantial and less vulnerable to the human condition, a harmony that will be a greater foundation for this world. Each of you is challenged to be aligned with this great harmony and change that is in your world at this time. It is the power of God’s Love within your soul that will bring you the perceptions and the understandings that will help you to cope with these hardships.

There is much more to come, my friends, in your world that will bring change, but in the end there will be peace and harmony. You must have faith, my friends, that this will be so, that even though you may suffer for the time being and see suffering all around you and wish that you could allay those that are suffering and bring peace and comfort, that this will come in time. Your prayers are important. Your very act of prayer today has made some difference in these conditions that you speak of and there are many others praying. For is this not what humanity turns to in the sight of calamities and dilemmas? It is unfortunate that it is usually after the fact but indeed even these difficult conditions bring forth an opportunity to teach others how to pray, to show by your example the power of prayer to be a clear channel of the Father’s Love, bringing blessings for others and for this world.

Continue to pray. I know that this suffering is difficult to bear, that these perceptions of the world bring grief and concern but I tell you, there is a higher way to cope, an avenue of greater Light and of peace. I encourage you to take that road, to be strong and to walk in faith and love.

We are with you. We have never left. We will continue to walk with you all. We will continue to assist you in any way that is possible within the Laws of God’s Creation and within the power of God’s Love within your soul. So we will bless you and bring to you that which you require to be in the Light, to be enshrouded in protection and Love.

May God bless you deeply, beloved souls, and keep you within this great stream of Love. Deep peace, deep peace, beloveds. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine. God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you. Indeed, I am with you.