Messages 2017 and 2018

Walk in the Light Through Coming Upheavals

October 2nd, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you brothers and sisters, I am Tahlia. I want you to know that I will help with your efforts in Direct Voice for I have gifts that will help sustain the energies required for this effort. It is important that you recognize that there are many energetic resources available to each one of you. As you move in the world, you may be a channel of many of these blessings for there are a multitude of blessings available to each soul who desires to be a channel of healing, comfort and Love to others.

So I stand by your side to help you to be a channel of Love in the world. I bring my strength to strengthen you. I bring the power of my perceptions to help you to see. I bring the Light of the Love that shines in my soul to help you and inspire you to yearn for more of this gift from God. There will be many manifestations when you are in alignment with God’s Will. Because you will be in harmony with God’s Will and the flow of His Blessings to mankind, there will be many angels such as myself who are powerfully gifted and will work through you for the benefit of others. As you continue to put aside those conditions that are not in harmony with God and seek to be a powerful channel in this world, so you attract many beautiful angels that will work alongside you to bring these gifts, the manifestations that will heal, will teach and will bring Light and comfort to many.

There is a great awakening happening in your world, beloved souls. Things have come to a head. Mankind can no longer be in control of this world for there is too much that he takes for granted and desires to use for his own purposes without consideration of the Laws of Creation and the Love for this world and for each other. Too many have gone astray, down a dark path. So God is engaged in bringing this world back to harmony, correcting the imbalances, and is infusing this world with energies and emanations and Light that will prevail upon this world.

Those of you who are sensitive, who desire change, who yearn for Light, you will benefit by these blessings. You will be strengthened and blessed deeply, and those who resist the changes that must happen will feel a disruption within them, and some difficulties for they cannot or are unable to adjust. So you must teach those who are confused or who are afraid what is happening, why it is happening and where they must go to find the answers. They must go to God. Some will resolutely refuse and will be stubborn in their mindful stance and ideas of truth and reality. Yet these old ways, which were allowed to flourish because God gives the gift of free will, must now fall away so that the world may once again be innocent, open to the Will of God and seeking Love above all else.

I know that when you look around you and you see the steadfast conditions that mankind has created and you wonder how this can change, for it is an immense influence upon this world. The power of mankind has created huge disruptions and is determined to continue on in its ways, to create a world of man rather than accept the world of God. But the power of God, the power of His Creation, the power of this world is immense. Mankind through its efforts to subvert this planet to his wishes will be awakening the giant and will see for themselves the powers that will be arrayed against him forcing him to change his ways, forcing humanity to reconsider what it is that they value and desire.

Amongst this great upheaval will come God’s channels of Light and there will be many who will bring the Truth, who will manifest the Truth. So you are amongst the few who are being prepared, who walk with that great torch of Truth. You must be strong, my friends. You must be open to whatever God desires for you to do and to be and to go in this world. For this is the time for you to stand up and say “I am for the Truth of God, the Love of God, the wisdom of God and I am willing to let go of my false beliefs, my old ways, all those things that bring me from God into the realms of man’s creation.” This is not easy but the rewards and what you will gain by your acceptance of the Will of God, what you will gain by your earnest aspirations to awaken your soul with His Love, and what you will gain in the service that will bring Truth to humanity will be surprising.

You are embarking upon a journey like none other, an opportunity so wondrous and beautiful that you have a great deal of doubt. It is difficult for you to truly grasp this. Your souls understand but your minds continue to look skeptically upon what we speak of. But still the desire of your soul continues to guide you forward and the reluctance of your mind diminishes with each day. You are in the process of transition. Deep changes are happening within you, wonderful insights are coming, revelations from God, understandings from your soul and deep touches of His Love creating a great Light and joy within you. This will provide you with the strength and ability to withstand the upheavals, to see clearly the purpose of these conditions which will be wrought upon humanity. You will be steadfast and strong. You will have your angel helpers with you. You will walk in the Light, you will accept the Will of God, you will be a channel of Love because you have decided to walk with God above all else, beyond the conditions of humanity, expressing the possibilities of the Divine. 

Remember this with each day, I am becoming a Divine angel, I am becoming a true child of God, I am growing and changing and evolving as my soul continues to flourish in the Father’s Love. So everything about me is subject to the power of this gift of Love. Everything within me is being influenced by this gift, even the very cells of my body, the very nature of my personality and the gifts of my soul, all respond to this Love, and I continue to grow and expand in this Light. God continues to gift to me with the powers of soul perception, soul wisdom and with the capacity to love beyond any human love. All of this is happening within me because I am your true child, beloved God, and I desire this.

Yes, my beloveds, you desire this and it is happening at this very moment. Every breath you take, you grow a little more in Light and Love and you change a little bit. There is a shift here and a shift there, until all of you has come into alignment with the power of God’s Love.

So as you grow in this Light, we in spirit as Celestial angels are able to have a greater rapport with you to assist you and to work through you. We become closer because the Light in your soul makes this rapport possible. We are your true friends. We seek to bring harmony to you to assist you in whatever struggle you may have. As you continue to desire change, so we work with you to effect change within you. God provides His angels for your benefit. Many blessings come from this as you well know. I am happy to be one of those angels who will assist you and work with you in this great enterprise for the salvation of mankind.

Beloved souls, I love you. I am Tahlia. I was an Incan priestess. I’ve had powerful gifts of healing and insight. I will continue to come and help in this work that you do. I love you. You are beautiful, each one. You are beautiful. God bless you.