Messages 2019 and 2020

A New Reality Dawns

May 20th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

I am Matthew. Every soul in this Circle has a relationship with God. You have come to know God in your own way. You have grown in faith and understanding of this gift of the soul, in relationship with your Creator. You will continue to grow in this understanding, this knowing of God, as your souls grow in His Love, as you become more attuned and receptive to your Beloved Father, God, Creator and Source of All. No matter how you label the Source of this Love, the Being that has created all, there is within you the capacity to know God well, to understand his Being, so complex, so different from your material existence and yet able to communicate with you on such a deep level within the soul.

God does communicate with you, beloved souls. God continues to reach you and you continue to respond to the Holy Touch of His Being and the great blessings that come with this relationship. Allow yourselves to be carried along this great road, this journey to God. With each day, a little drop, a deeper awareness comes. Something awakens within you. Your souls come to know the truth of your existence, the existence of all that is in God’s reality.

Beloved souls, what you perceive as reality in your material world is, for the most part, illusion created by your minds and limiting the existence of your reality in this world. As your souls open, and the perceptions and awareness of your soul becomes more acute and attuned to your conscious self, the reality that you see will be replaced by something that is of God, deeper and more complex. As your souls open and awaken, so you will understand how to utilize this reality and the gifts of perception and blessings as a channel of God in the world and will be able to manipulate things that you believe are solid and real, that they may be transformed, as you begin to acknowledge the new reality.

As you awaken in love, so many things will change in your life. Many possibilities will open to you, so that you may be used as a powerful instrument of the Truth of God’s Reality, be an example for others, awakened and able to bring forth and manifest this new reality in your world, so fixed by the human condition. Yes, many things will change. You will walk in a different way, see with a different vision and know from a different place. These changes will not be disturbing or out of harmony with your present existence, but will complement and bring to the fore many deeper knowings, perceptions, understandings of the world.

Yes, the world you live in has many layers of reality, many Truths yet unknown and many aspects unseen. With the soul awakened these things will come into your consciousness and will be utilized by the abilities of your soul to meet the needs of you and your loved ones and those around you. In the times of change coming, you will be able to meet head-on that which comes and to meet the needs that are required for you to walk in the world, unscathed by these changes.

A new reality does dawn. It is beginning. It is coming. You will be prepared because within your soul is deep knowledge and abilities to be aligned with this changing condition of reality of the Earth. It will be a joyous awakening, a joyful expression of your soul in a new world that is in greater alignment with your soul and God’s Great Soul.

A new era dawns. We have asked you to release all conditions within you that inhibit this awakening. This prepares you for what is coming. Accepting and allowing this new reality to slowly emerge in your consciousness will allow you to adjust more readily to the changing conditions of your world.

Know that you will change, beloved souls, and that the power of God’s Love is continuously changing you. This is the hallmark of God’s Love: transformation, awakening, a greater compatibility with love and an expression of love, in all its ways and means to bring light.

This journey never ends, beloveds. This understanding and awakening to God just begins to touch you and bring you to a clear understanding. There is so much more, such a vastness of truth and reality that it would be impossible for your minds to comprehend. Yet, within your soul is the capacity to do so.

You will meet these truths, this newness of perception and truth, in harmony and love, joy and peace. This is the power of God’s Love that awakens, but does not do so in a way that causes great pain. Instead it is gentle. It emerges like the petals of a flower turning to the sun. The beauty of your soul will surely emerge and show its wonderment and glory and light.

May you continue to seek the Father’s Love, to accept the journey as God has laid out this path for each one of you. You will come to know God as your beloved and intimate friend, your Father, your Source of all joy, your Source of all love. This comes. This comes.

May God bless you, beloveds, and keep you upon this path Divine, that you may awaken fully and come to know the glories of love, of true and beautiful Love that is Divine. God bless you. I am Matthew and I am with you in love. God bless you.