Messages 2019 and 2020

Prepare Yourself Spiritually for the Coming Changes in the World

July 12th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

May I ask a question?

By all means, my brother.

What I heard earlier about Jesus, this clause about the changing time because within the plan of God that it will not be allowed for mankind, the perversion of mankind to sterilize this world where life cannot exist. Of thinking about the different epochs of time, the time of Abraham, the time of Moses, the time of Jesus some 2000 years ago, each almost like a catalyst to create a change. In this time here I see how mankind is in the energy, the dark energy, I always feel that there is reaching the critical point, a tipping point creating an inflection points, it really caused by mankind, the destruction is caused by mankind and is not by God or not by anyone. Can you share within this Circle of Light, I see the technology that we have, like many are having website, sharing truth, sharing information; we are seeing that there–should there be some kind of catalyst acting to pull everything together. Can you share, is it within the plan of God to share with us what that may be, how can we help, how can we assist to reverse the direction that mankind is moving towards. What I see is that millions of people may perish in order to re-calibrate as the word was used, re-balance life. So that is my question, Josephus.

What will manifest in the coming times in regards to these changes is to some degree dependent upon the choices that humanity makes and the ways in which they will confront these changes and choose to come into harmony or to come to destruction. Yes I fear that many millions will perish, that many will choose the latter rather than the former. But you must consider that this world, this plane of existence, is just one of many and therefore they have not lost their opportunity to grow in Love and Light but have forfeited their opportunity to grow in Love and Light in this world.

This world cannot hold the burdens of these many destructive choices of humanity, this great hunger for materialism that continues to leach away the vitality of your world. So the great impetus of humanity to continue to bring destruction must be neutralized and God, as I have said, has a plan to do so. But this does not mean that some of your inventions and capacities for communication, capacities to better your lives in this world may not be utilized and re-purposed so that it is in greater harmony with what is meant to be in your world.

God does not disapprove of men’s creativity and propensity to bring forth various ways and means to improve their lives. But God disapproves of the blatant sense that humanity is entitled to strip this planet of all of its resources for their benefit, not honouring life but destroying it in the process. But as these conditions shift and change in your world, as the impact of humanity is reduced in a gross way, as many leave your world for the next, so the opportunities and possibilities to restart and re-establish a more harmonious perspective and expression of humanity in your world will evolve and come together in a guided way and this is where many of you will be important channels to guide, to help correct this new way of being in the world, this new appreciation of life and new honouring of life.

Many of you will play a part in this and there are many others who will do so. You will not lose your connections with one another. You will not lose your ability to communicate, but in this new world many things will be different and many ways to communicate and work together will emerge as a great blessing and boon from God. For God’s plan brings powerful change and powerful blessings to humanity. As in any condition in the universe of God where there is change, there is an opportunity. Where there is a shift, there is a blessing.

So you will be surprised, my brothers and sisters, as to what is coming and how this will manifest. We will not reveal to you much at this time, only suggest that you prepare yourself spiritually for this is the only true preparation that you can make in order to meet the changes that are coming and are able to contribute in the light of what is truly coming in light. We urge you to make the growth of your soul, the expansion of your soul and the expansion of the faculties and gifts of your soul to be the priority in your life for the material goals that you work for today will not be present in the future.

You cannot accumulate enough in the material things to insulate yourselves from the changes that are coming. You may only find comfort and strength and capacity to express and be a part of this new way on this earth through prayer and spiritual preparation, through yearning and growing in Love and Light. We give you the key. We give you the keys to a greater life, to a harmonious life, to a blessed life.

Please listen, please act upon what you know and what you have heard and you will find yourselves in remarkable circumstances and opportunities to serve God in this great plan. It will be a joyous thing, a beautiful journey of wonderment and surprise as new capacities and gifts open up within your soul empowered by God’s Touch upon this world, empowered because you have chosen to be a part of God’s Will and plan.

Please, please come to this realization and walk in faith. Do not attempt to insulate yourselves from what is coming, rather be joyful and realize that God will guide you with each day and each opportunity that comes your way will be blessed. You will know, you will see and you will be guided as changes come. As you continue to listen, as you continue to have faith in God’s plan, so all will come in harmony with your lives and the many lives who will be affected by those souls who choose to be a part of this great wave of change, this great wave of light that continues to flow and touch your world, this gift from God, this gift from God.

May God bless you, beloved souls. Again I thank you for your efforts, your contributions, your prayers and your love of one another. May you continue to open to the truth, to apply the truth in all respects to your lives and you will find that God will guide you with each day and bring you to that place of truth, of harmony, of love. Thank you, beloveds. Thank you, beloved souls. I am Josephus. May God bless you deeply. God bless you.