Messages 2017 and 2018

Change is the Constant of the Universe

March 13th, 2018

Hawaii Kai, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


I am Samuel. I have come to speak to you today about the changes in your life and the changes that are coming in this world. There is one constant in God’s Universe and that is change.

Your perceptions and perspectives change, beloved souls, as you grow spiritually. So you see yourselves and you see the world differently. As your souls grow in Love, these changes become more acute, these perceptions more refined. Your knowledge is adjusted according to the Light in your soul. At these moments together in prayer, you are in the process of changing your thinking and changing your perspectives and your perceptions. The power of this circle brings to you many gifts, many openings, revealing to you possibilities presented by God regarding your present condition, spiritual light, and future possibilities. As you become more acute in your perspective and perceptions, more sensitive and more aligned with God, these things reveal themselves. You must be receptive, beloved souls, able and eager to take into your consciousness these new perceptions of reality. Adjustments, beloved souls, always the possibility of adjusting, refining what you know and what you perceive. This will be a constant in your spiritual journey. Though you may feel in your mind that you have fixed the Truth within it, you must realize that the understanding of Truth, the perception of Truth is dependent upon the condition of your souls, not your mind. For it is within your souls that you may truly perceive God’s Truth and Creation in this experience of perception, which is like the inhaling of air filling you up, bringing this reality into yourself. There is also the exhale, releasing old perceptions and thoughts, old error, letting go, adjustment to this new level of Truth that continues to change and evolve in accordance to your own journey.

God is preparing you, my beloved souls, to be teachers and healers, channels of Love. Though you may feel you have attained a certain level of expertise and knowledge, that your gifts emerge and are expressed, this is only the beginning. It is important to accept that changes will come as the Love within your souls continues to grow. God’s Love is a change agent. It is transformative and will change everything within you, including your thinking, including your perceptions, your gifts and your knowledge.

Everything that you have learned thus far and experienced has within it a core of truth, an understanding of something that is important to know. But it is merely a kernel, a seed that will grow into something not yet fully realized. So do not allow yourselves to be stuck within a well worn groove of knowledge, ideas and concepts of the mind. For beyond this is liberation, my friends, the liberation of your souls. Love will bring so much more understanding, even knowledge of the mind. Yet these foundational truths that you have learned will always remain and the application of such will change and evolve as you grow in your understanding of your brothers and sisters, your perception of their Light and their being and their condition will become more refined. In this way you may help those around you with your wisdom and as a channel of God’s Love.

As for the changes in the world I must say that a great deal of which you rely upon in your routines in life, in your perceptions of reality of the world will change and must change, for God has a Plan to bring greater Light to this world, greater Love. But for this to become realized, much of the conditions that mankind has created must fade away and be no more. Indeed, as you change within yourself and are able to adjust and are strong enough to not resist, so you will be equipped to deal with the many changes that are coming all around you. With this strength, this flexibility, this faith, you will be able to help many others and clear the perceptions and understandings of why these events are to take place and help those who are confused, lost and frightened to come to a place of peace and stability. God will call upon you to assist in this way. He needs for all of you to be strong, to be spiritually uplifted, to be finely attuned to His Will and most of all, to have Love as the predominant condition within you. With this power of Love will come the wisdom that you require, the perceptions that you need, the understanding and the compassion that will reach out to those souls who are lost and assist them to find solid ground.

As the reality of your world is redefined, so each soul must adjust or perish and transition to the world of spirit. You live within remarkable times, my beloved souls. They are serious times, but they are times ripe with opportunity and the possibility of spiritual growth. God pours upon this world at this time many blessings which are designed to help each and every soul find their way in the Light. Those who reject the Light, who are not strong enough to change and adjust to different conditions will not survive the changes that are coming. Indeed God has brought you together in this beautiful place giving you time to contemplate and pray, to strengthen yourselves and absorb the many blessings He has to give to you. Take full advantage of these times, for they will give you comfort in the future and you will see how much God loves you and upholds you and gives you what you require to walk in Light, to be strong in Love and to be at peace within yourselves. The world needs you, my beloved souls. You need God. You need to be prepared, to be strong, to step a little further along your path, to grow a little more within your souls, to be more awakened and enlivened by Truth and Love. Thus you will walk in faith. You will trust in God’s Will. You will show the way. Are you willing, beloved souls, to carry the mantle of Truth, to walk in the Light, to trust in that flow of God’s Will so completely that no matter what the conditions you encounter, you will step upon the right path avoiding calamity and being in harmony? For others will follow you. Give them your confidence and surety that you are perceiving the Will of God. Obedience with humility is called forward into greater Light in this world.

Each of you has a unique path to follow, a unique expression, many gifts, great potentials and untapped potentials. It is time to dive deep within yourselves and to bring forth all of these wondrous gifts of the soul and make them truly a part of your lives. You are all gifted. You have much to give, not only to one another but to all those around you. Be strong, my beloveds. Be at peace. Do not give the events of tomorrow great sway in your thinking and doing but prepare yourselves in your souls and your beings, for you will need that strength, that clear perception, the wisdom and faith and Love within your soul. Accept change, beloved souls. This constant of the universe does not allow you to settle into a comfortable place where you are stuck in your present perception of Truth and reality.

Since you all desire to be upon the journey of soul awakening, of spiritual maturity, God will provide you many opportunities to grow and will show you the way. For this is another constant that God brings to those who desire such, the blessings that will bring greater Truth and Love to the soul. You will each walk your journey. I see within each one of you a beautiful Light, a Light that will light the way, will bring further wisdom, will dissipate any confusion and clarify the intentions of your soul and the intentions of God for you in your lives.

May His Love continue to pour within you, beloved souls. May you reach out to one another forming such bonds, strong in Love, supporting one another and sharing your wisdom. May you go out into the world bringing greater Light, for so much is in flux at this time. There is a rise in confusion. Many are not grounded in Truth but deluded by the human condition, the thoughts of mankind that are so eager to create their own reality. All must come to God’s Reality in time. As you are closer to God, so you will show the way by your example and your Light.

God bless you, beloved souls. God keep you in His Light. I am Samuel and my love is with you. God bless you.