Messages 2017 and 2018

Earth Changes and your role

October 29th, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you, I am James. Yes, the earth is changing. Patterns are changing. Patterns of behavior of the animals, of the weather and even the seasons are changing. Some of this is due to human meddling and actions upon this planet, but the vast majority of these changes are coming because there is an energetic shift in the planet and the planet is being bombarded by energies that God has focused upon this Earth. For a great impetus is building to change this world, so that it is beginning to shift into a new era and level of vibration, as you call it.

God desires for this world to thrive, to be a place of light. Though He has gifted humanity with free will, He will not allow that human will to destroy this world. Because He has intervened by bringing these changes to the world, what will be, is inevitable. What we’re doing with you beloved souls and those who are willing to listen, is to educate you for a new world, a new way of being in the world. You must in turn educate others as these changes become more extreme and old ways begin to disappear and new ways must take their place – a new consciousness, a new understanding – one that is more involved with soul awareness and less involved with extreme material concerns. Those within the new world must learn to live with faith, with soulful understanding of why they are here, living in this world, what is its purpose, what is important and what is not.

So a great deal of effort is being put upon each of you so that your eyes may be opened, your thoughts may be liberated and reconfigured into something more attuned to Truth. So that your soul may expand with the Father’s Love bringing the Spirit of Truth and great wisdom and many other faculties inherent of the soul. Yes others are being prepared as well. This is happening all over the world though their perspectives may not match yours, their mindful understandings differ because they reflect the culture and experience of these individuals, but within the soul of each one of these souls of light is a deep knowing and understanding that each has a purpose, each one a work to do in this world for God. You will connect with many of these individuals as time goes on and there will be a great collaboration, an emerging of intentions and ideas, for God will inspire all. His plan is in action at this very moment and thus you are feeling the benefits of all these wonderful blessings and energetic infusions in order to prepare you for the future and to help you open many gifts so that you may serve God in very overt ways. You are beginning to sense the plan – some of you resist, some of you are joyful, some are confused, some are fearful – but your souls, my beloved friends, are none of these. Your souls know and are sure of God’s plan.

Your souls will soldier forth and influence your material minds and consciousness so that you may be more attuned to God’s Will, more aware of the plan and more aware of what your role is within that plan. As these energies continue to infuse your body, your spirit and your minds, as God’s Love continuous to open and awaken your soul, so these understandings will become evident and easily accessed. There will be no confusion, no pulling back, no fear and indeed joy will remain, continuing to uplift you, and assure you that you are indeed in alignment with God.

You live in a very crucial time in the history of this world, something that rarely occurs – a massive shift of the conditions and spiritual integrity of this world. All will be changed and yet you will not lose your equilibrium. You will find this new world more to your liking and more comfortable to your soul. What you feel together when you are in this time of preparation and development will be more what you will feel in the times to come. Even though all around you may be chaos, great concern, worry, and confusion, you will not be touched by this and you will go out into the world with a clear vision, a strong understanding, all informed by love and you will talk to many, many souls. You will bring light to many, many souls. You will help many souls. This is God’s Will! 

So I would suggest, my brothers and sisters, that you not make too many plans for the future, for the future will be making plans for you. It is for you to listen, to hear, to absorb these bits of guidance and promptings and inspiration, so that you may be in the place that you are meant to be at all times. For there will be much destruction in this world I am afraid and you must be very sensitive to the guidance given, so that you may avoid being caught up in this melee of change, as God wipes from this planet so much of what man has created replacing it with God’s Laws of Creation. You may choose to be fearful and worry and seek the comfort and stability of your old lives, but I tell you my friends, this is folly. You must be willing to adapt to change to follow the musings of your heart, the inspiration of your soul, so that you may move within the flow of God, the flow of His Will. 

So you have a taste of what this is like. You have put aside everything else in your life to come together, to be together, to make this your focus, to work together for the good of humanity and to walk in the light always. Is this not a proving ground for what you must be like in the times to come? Are you not learning new things, allowing God’s inspiration and guidance to flow within your consciousness, moving with each day with purposeful intent that does not originate from you but from God? This is an important time for you, each one to gather your faculties, the faculties of your soul, so that they may be useful and potent in this coming storm. In the end, whether you are successful or not, what is coming will come, but our wish is for you to ride this wind with confidence and faith, with the strength of knowing and truly understanding what this is. It is not the wrath of God. No, my beloveds, it is the blessings of God coming to save humanity from their willful, blinded, selfish motivations that are killing this world. Mankind does not know its own power, does not understand the power of its choices, its thoughts and its willful actions because they most only see things from a very shallow perspective. There is no depth of understanding, no real knowing and very little love. This must change and if mankind is not willingly change, then the world will make it abundantly clear that they must change.

You cannot hide your head in the sands my beloveds. You must look with eyes clear and wide. You must see your own motivations. You must understand that all these perspectives and approaches that come from the human condition are not in harmony with God. This can only be so if your souls are awakened and your eyes are opened and the wisdom therein informs your perspective and shows you the way through these great dilemmas.

You will find your way, my friends, you will find your way. So much effort is being made to help you to find your way, to open your souls, to abandon those old and tired patterns of life so that you may be a shining example of truth. You may lead the way for many and you may confirm for others who are trying to bring change to the world, to show them what true change is, the source of true change, and the source of why these changes are happening in the world. For it is God’s Will and to understand that these things are inevitably a blessing, a healing of this world, a second chance for humanity, to try to bring peace and harmony amongst themselves and in this world.

May you continue to grow in this Love of God, to be open to His Will, to truly understand yourselves and to love yourselves, to truly be as children, to joyfully come close and allow Him to wrought the changes that are required so that you may truly awaken, so that His Love may flow freely and abundantly within your souls, that His Touch may uplift you always and protect you and bring to you many opportunities of service. You will go forth, my beautiful and beloved friends, in light, with strength and with truth. You will teach many, comfort many, show many the way from their place that is neither black and dark, nor white and joyful, to a place that is indeed light and joyful.

It is your destinies, beloved souls, you know this. You have always felt this and you will enact what is meant for you to do and to be. God will show you the way, He does with each day. Listen, hear God’s Voice, know His Will. Allow this to come to you, to be truly a part of you. God bless you my friends. I am James. May you be blessed in all these efforts that you make, with whatever you do is in harmony with God, and who you are is informed by Love. God bless you.