Messages 2015 and 2016

Know your awakened soul

December 8th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


God bless you my students, it is your teacher Augustine.

I am happy to come and speak with you as you gather together once more and put your soul longings forward to God. What is it that will happen within you, my beloveds, with enough of the Father’s Love begins to awaken and transform your soul. How will you change? What comes from this great blessing?

Foremost you will have a greater sensitivity to the energetic conditions of this material world and to what influences surround you as you move through the world. Those influences vary greatly depending upon your thoughts and your actions. There is much to consider and much that determines what does indeed influence you and brings you to certain conclusions and perceptions, eliciting certain emotions, fears even and negative thoughts.

Yes, these things are all too common within this human plane, in fact the world is rife with many negative influences because the world has gone astray. Most of the world has turned it’s back upon God and even those who are facing God carry with them a great deal of error and misunderstanding of the nature of God, and the nature of truth.

And so there are pockets of light in the world, individuals who are clear enough in their perceptions to readily understand truth and the nature of God and the power of love, and you may count yourselves as part of this small group in the world. And as you continue to progress and your souls are infilled with the Father’s Love, as His light within you burns brightly, perceptions will open, understandings will come, revelations will come as your soul is activated and is more easily able to be attuned to the gifts and blessings from God. With these gifts of perception - soul perception - you will easily navigate this world and avoid those conditions which would be harmful, even injurious to your physical being.

For besides the material perceptions you will have other faculties, sensitivities, and sensibilities which will allow you to see, to get a glimpse into future events and possibilities so that you will make an informed choice in your lives and see more clearly what to avoid and what may benefit you. Along with this God will indeed guide you, the angels will provide you with further information so that the picture will be filled out in great detail. And it will not be confusing or contradictory. It will be clear and obvious what you must do in any given moment to bring great light as you follow God’s Will which will permeate all of these perceptions, and which will color these pictures, which will allow you to move gracefully through your life. And most importantly, to be an effective channel of the Father’s Love in this world. For when you are awakened and understand the dynamics all around you, you become empowered with wisdom and knowledge which will assist you greatly in enacting God’s Will.

Some of you at this time have glimpses and periods of time when you are attuned and you have a sense of things, looking through a glass darkly as you might say. I tell you, my beloveds, with greater faith and acknowledgement of the Love that resides within you and an expansion of this Love, what is obscure and subtle today will be quite evident in the future. You will be able to work with the angels in close rapport and their greater vision and perception will benefit you greatly, combined with your own new-found qualities and gifts, it will make for a very dynamic instrumentality in the world.

Many will seek you out for your wisdom and you must share your wisdom liberally and bravely. Some will want to criticize and get angry with you - pay them no heed. For is it not the influence of the air and darkness and fear of humanity that has brought the world to this dreadful condition where all elements of this planet are close to chaos and the beautiful creation of God suffers, and where very few places in this world are not in this dreadful condition.

Yes, my beloveds, you sense it. Many in this world sense that changes must come. You cannot continue to live as you do - squandering the gifts form God in this world and taking so much and giving back so little. God did create a bounteous world but it cannot be sustained in this way because God created a world that can sustain itself, given that it is not overly depleted. Even the energetic condition of this planet is waning and this will cause upheavals, unexpected catastrophes, difficult weather conditions as the balance is pushed and set asunder.

My beloveds, you need these perceptions of what I speak, you need to be able to know the will of God, to be able to perceive the support and protection and guidance that the angels will give you to navigate through a world that will have many difficulties and upheavals. This is not to say that there will be a collapse, a rendering down to the very basics of life, no, but there will be many things gone asunder and the creating of conditions where the structures and cultures and ways of life that you live today will not continue. But God in His Mercy will give all an opportunity to rebuild in a more harmonious way. You will not be without resources, you will be able to cope but within this period of change each of you and all of you within this world must question what it is that you seek for, what are your desires, what are your priorities. And everyone upon this planet has the measure of greed, wanting to accumulate and if they have nothing, there is a great ambition to accumulate and those who have everything often take for granted what is given and what is available. I do not say this for you to feel guilt, my beloveds, but for you to open your eyes for when you open your soul you must see all of these things, this reality that is all around you and the reality of God and attempt to reconcile these elements of error and truth.

And so we have made great effort to bring you together, to encourage you to open to your souls, and to be truthful to yourselves, to awaken to the error and to adopt the truth and I know you have many questions. How can I come to a place of harmony within my life? And in many ways you are ensnared in a condition that brings disharmony and to try and find your way through these entrapped conditions in very difficult indeed and this is again why you must rely upon your soul perceptions for your minds will not find solutions to these dilemmas.No, my beloveds, this is not possible unless you completely remove yourselves from the flow of humanity and this is not recommended or necessary. Instead you must be within the flow of humanity carrying the light of truth and wisdom. Let your souls be vibrant and alive in this, brought about by the awakening through God’s Love.

Only God will guide your through and help you to find harmony in your life, within yourself, with all who are around you. This is the essential issue, my beloveds, this is why humanity has degraded itself so severely. They have not recognized the wisdom of God. They have ignored the laws of God’s creation. They have gone about their business not thinking in the ways of love but in the ways of fear and greed and anger.

So, my beloveds, we have put forth many challenges to you in these days that we have been together. Yes, we ask much of you. We ask you to truly contemplate how it is that you can change and be more in harmony with God and we have asked you not to ignore certain aspects of your life and your being but to incorporate all of you within the body and truth of God and His Love. And this is, in one regard, a very complicated matter and in another way it is very simple, for if you begin with trust in God, faith in His Wisdom, in prayer, establishing a powerful connection with your Creator, then the dilemmas will unravel and the truth will be revealed. For everything must be predicated upon love, everything must be healed with love, all wisdom comes with God’s Love.

This is an incremental journey and awarenesses come bit by bit, as you build your foundation upon these awarenesses and in doing so you change within and within these changes come changes in your life. For that which is not in harmony will fall away, you will not be comfortable with error in your life and as your eyes open the error will be plain to see and you, relying upon the strength within your soul and the wisdom, the faculties, the perceptions will make your way into greater light and harmony and you will find peace and joy.

Pray each day that God’s wisdom will find its way into your being and consciousness, that you will think in truth, that your actions will embody truth, that your entire being will come ever closer to God and that your lives will reflect this in every way.

God does not want to deny you a comfortable life, my beloveds, material benefits do come as you walk in harmony but a life full of attachments to these benefits and worries and cares and fears is a life outside of God. Do not fear for your safety, do not doubt that God will care for you no matter what and you will have the strength to cope with whatever comes your way and you will have the wisdom to find your way not matter whatever danger may come and will reach out to those you love. These are the benefits of God’s blessings upon you as he enwraps all in his cloak of protection. Enjoy the benefits of your togetherness, the love you share. Trust one another for each of you has something to give to all the others and in this giving freely you bring many blessings to yourselves. For when love flows freely, generously, wisely, you create great light and you walk the Father’s Path of Love. Do not hold on in fear, trepidation and worry and care, be free of this and allow God’s Love to wash over you and bring you a sense of joy. It is your heritage, my beloveds, this Love is meant for you it’s meant to heal you, to strengthen you, to bring you into atonement with God. Accept this gift fully and all else will fall into place in God’s perfect timing and His wondrous wisdom.

Thank you for listening to me my beloved students. I love you beloveds, I am with you and I will never leave you. I will always be with you and I will bring my love, my wisdom, the power of my gifts to your benefit and your protection. This is my commitment to you and many angels will do the same as God has assigned angels to each and everyone of you to assist you at all times. You are never alone, my beloveds, you are always watched over and given God’s special care. There is nothing to fear. Be joyful for you are claimed by God as children divine. God bless you.