Messages 2015 and 2016

As you grow within your soul, you will be able to receive the changes that are coming

December 21, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C. Canada


Beautiful friends, it is Alec. May the light of God’s Love carry you forward my beloved friends. As you begin to open your soul perceptions and awarenesses begin to flower and come forth in surprising ways, each of you feels a difference, an opening, the beginnings of something new within you. And as God’s Love ignites your gifts, the beautiful talents and abilities that lay within you, each unique, each powerful, full of promise, open up doors of perception, gifts of healing and communication and ways in which love may be expressed for the benefit of all you meet. Beloveds, you must expect this in your life that these new awarenesses and perceptions will come and bring a different perspective and bring many abilities of sight and wisdom and strength and perception and ways in which love can come and be manifest in your lives within your beings, as God uses what He has implanted within you for the benefit of mankind.

I also come to confirm for this instrument some guidance which he received about changes coming within the world. These things are correct as he received them and indeed they are serious and they do reflect our warnings of the past. There are great changes coming to this world, a world that is at a breaking point, as the populations of your world put more and more stress upon this beautiful planet and resolutely turn their eyes away from what is in harmony and beneficial to all life upon this world. And so the consequences will unfold and will have their effect upon many peoples in this world.

There are indeed natural cycles in the world and there are safeguards in place in the laws of God’s creation which prevent the unravelling of the natural world and you have come close to this point and the world will respond. There will be difficulties and upheavals and problems for each in this world. For those such as yourselves who are attempting to be close to God and put prayer before all else, you will be guided through these difficulties. You will find your way through this dark forest and come out unscathed at the other end and you must gather as many as you can to follow. And as I have said you are gifted with many blessings, perceptions, much is emerging from your soul and these are to be used in the coming times. God will utilise many aspects of your beautiful selves to help lead, to guide, to bless many. And as these coming storms approach, so God accelerates your growth, opens your gifts, prepares you for what is to come. And you should not allow fear to override your true knowing that what will come into the world will be a blessing, will bring balance and harmony, will renew the world in a way that the coming generations will have a life which is in much more harmony than what is at this time. And many of your technologies and accomplishments will remain but how they are used and utilised will change as priorities and understandings and a greater wisdom prevails. Yes, there is much change coming and there will be waves of change, waves of challenges so that you may adjust and prepare with each onslaught.

God has strengthened you, my friends. He has strengthened you and has prepared you and has laid many riches within your souls. This has purpose. This will be called upon. As you have been so richly blessed there will come a time when you will be called upon to give and this will not often be in a way that is easy or gratifying to you. No, my beloveds, it will be challenging. But as you go to the Source, as you seek the strength through God, as you remain steadfast upon this path of light and love you will have the strength, you will have what you require to be God’s instruments in the world.

This is a time of strengthening, my friends. This is a time of gathering yourself to God and coming to those realizations and openings and strengthenings so that you may increase your faith and your abilities to cope with a changing world.

You will not be abandoned by us, not ever. We will be ever closer to you as these things come and we will be there to advise and guide and protect. God has placed His hands upon you, beloveds. Do you realize the power of this, this protection that is provided, the Angels surrounding you, His Love flowing into you. This is what you must show to your brothers and sisters, how the power of God’s Love and His hand upon you will bring the harmony that all will seek. When they seek you must be there to tell them the truth, the simple truth, not to reprimand and judge, but to show the way gently and firmly to God.

There is much to come, many changes, travels, shifts in your thinking and how you are in your lives, readjustments, new priorities, new focus. And each time you shift into a greater light, a deeper understanding, a greater expression of love, you will know within your souls that you have come to that right place, a place that is meant for you. And all will adjust as you adjust. As God blesses in harmony, so harmony comes to you.

This is what these changes are, my beloveds, an effort to bring back harmony to the world, a healing of this world, an enlightening of the peoples of this world, a pulling of the lost souls into the light. And yes, many will turn away and there will be consequences for those who are resolutely blind and deaf to the truth of Creation. This has always been so for with each choice comes consequence. With the lack of love, comes pain and with the extreme materialism in this world comes a great imbalance and disharmony. Mankind cannot continue to take - endlessly take - and not expect that there will be a reaction within the material world, a response to these inappropriate actions and selfish responses to life.

When the world had a small population such actions were absorbed without any great detriment to the planet but now, my beloveds, the force of humanity is attempting to overwhelm the natural cycles of this world. This is done so blindly and with little care except for what can be gained. This is such folly,. You cannot live in this world and be immune to the consequences of your life actions. This applies to your personal life, this applies to each country, each culture, each set of beliefs. Mankind is gifted with free will and as such must bear the consequences of those choices and so, a harsh lesson is coming to the world. And I know that you all feel the coming storms and you worry for yourselves and for your loved ones in this world because you love, because you wish to enfold. And this is good that you wish to love and enfold your neighbours, your loved ones, your friends and God will give you the opportunity to do so. But you must remain the pillar of strength, the bearer of truth, the loving channel of God. And in this way, God will open up those opportunities for you to protect and guide your loved ones and those who will listen. And many will listen for as the world reacts to these inharmonious conditions, many will have to listen, will not be able to hide their heads in the sand, will have to ask those difficult questions: What motivates me in my life? What is important? What direction am I going in? What do I love?

For many, what they love is not what they should be loving. Materialism is not a goal of life. Accumulating and feeling powerful is not what God has meant for you in your life. Yes, God grants material benefits, and many blessings but a wise man will live a life in moderation. A foolish man will bring himself to a place of greed and will find his identity in what he possesses. Beloveds, this is not what is meant, but I assure you there will come a time when the perspective of mankind will change and shift and the conditions of the world will ensure that this change must take place, will carry all of you along to that place of harmony. Remember the power of choice, beloveds and the power of love and how these two things come together each day and determine the outcomes of your lives.

May God grant you all deep wisdom and great love and may your soul perceptions open and flourish and give you an insight into the new world that is coming and the Will of God which is ever present, that these things take you upon a journey of awakening and understanding and great strength and faith. Love will prevail, my beloveds. It is the most powerful thing in this universe and it will prevail. You need but follow the Will of God, have faith in your own true soul awareness and understanding and allow love to enter every part of who you are and your lives so that it may bring harmony and show to all those who wish to see what love is and what living in the truth of God’s Love is.

You will make a powerful statement in this world, my beloveds. You must. It is dependent upon you and the few others that God will use to bring this light and truth and change to the world. God bless you. I am Alec. I am with you as you well know and we will continue to guide you through this journey, through these changes, up this great hill towards greater light. You each have your feet firmly planted upon this path and will indeed have your eyes open, your souls expanded in love and will lead in light. God bless you, Alec loves you. God bless you.