Messages 2015 and 2016

The world is changing

July 6th, 2015

Received by: Al Fike

Gibsons, B.C.


Alec here, God bless you my friends and may your souls be full to the brim of God’s Love. You have been discussing changes in the Earth and I am sad to say that these changes will continue to accelerate. The climate within this world will change dramatically as you have already witnessed. The Earth will become warmer and this will set off chain reactions which will melt the ice and cause further warming and greater disruptions. And the very core of the Earth is shifting and changing and this will cause further disruptions. You will have much to deal with in the future and I do not say this to cause fear and anxiety within you, for as you maintain your connection with your Creator you will be protected and guided through all of these obstructions and cataclysms and problems.

Yes the Earth responds to mankind’s neglect and greed and the imbalance is caused by so many insensitive actions and choices. But in the end, through this time of transition and change, there will be peace and there will be balance. God will maintain His creation in the beauty that is meant to be sustained. God is pouring His Light, His Blessings of Love, and His Spirit of change is working upon every element, every atom, every part of this Earth and those who dwell upon it. And you all feel to some degree the effects of this, and it will intensify and this change will continue for much of your life upon this planet. But in the flow of this change there will be great opportunities for you who desire to be channels of Love, teachers of Truth and who desire to be of assistance to usher in new consciousness, new awarenesses and new truth to mankind. There will be opportunities, abundant opportunities and you will be guided to be in places and with people in situations which will have a great effect and cause a shift in consciousness in the world. You will join with many others who are in this world at this time and who have chosen this time to bring and usher in change in the world as have you all chosen this purpose and this role.

Each of you has struggled for the Light, has desired to be close to God, to come to know Truth and harmony and peace within yourselves and you will share this in these hard times and you will be given the opportunities to do so in many different ways, in many different places in the world. A great work awaits the willing, those who choose to walk this road, to have a deep compassion and Love for your brothers and sisters, to have a deep and abiding Love for your Heavenly Father, to be educated in ways that will convey the Truth to those who have ears to listen, and eyes to see and souls that are receptive. You are all being prepared, you have been for many years and what we have told you in the past is coming to fruition. You will all come to see this in greater clarity and in this clarity will come peace, and a great calm and an understanding of what you are to do.

Much awaits. We in spirit are in alignment with you on Earth to bring change and healing and balance to this dear Earth. This is God’s Will and you will come to know this as the days and weeks and months and years progress in your life and in your time. Have joy, my children, my friends, for you do indeed live in interesting times, a great shift of consciousness in the world, a great shift in how the world is and all its workings. And you will have the blessing of knowing what this is and what it means. How many in this world will know? Very few and you will convey this knowledge, this understanding and bring comfort to many and show many the way to Truth, the way to Love, the way to give back to this beautiful Earth.

Much is in its beginnings and there is much more to know and to learn. There is much more Love to be had within you, an expansion of your awareness that comes from the soul filled with God’s Love, and we will assist you every step of the way, every breath you take, every thought that you have will have within it some of our influence, a seed of Truth, a grain of Light.

Continue in your prayers, seek your Heavenly Father with all your hearts and souls, all your yearnings and longings and you will be given to, and cared for, and blessed mightily, for your time has come. God gives what you require to be His instruments of Light and change and Love in this world. Perk up your ears, open your eyes, pray your prayers in sincere and earnest longing and my words will ring true and you will come to know your true selves and true purpose in this world. God bless you, your beloved friend Alec is with you always and I love you dearly. God bless you.