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What can we do to offset the effects of evil?

September 15th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother H___, with so many cries for war and vengeance, I believe that it is worthwhile saying a few words in that respect. It is not our task to intervene in humanity’s political affairs; our work is to lend guidance to the individuals so that they may find harmony with God’s Laws. We have transmitted many messages on spiritual laws, but sometimes I get the impression that you still don’t understand them well.

I wish to talk about harmony. In fact, there are two forms of harmony, absolute harmony and relative harmony. Everything which is in harmony with God and His Will is in absolute harmony. And whatever is in harmony with its own environment is in relative harmony.

In the spirit world it is very easy to explain these circumstances. We know that there are places which are totally out of harmony with the Laws and the Will of God regarding morals, ethics and love, natural love as well as Divine Love. We call these places hells. Spirits who have a corresponding lack of harmony in their soul condition are forced to live in those places, because there they find at least relative harmony. The law which determines this is the Law of Attraction, resulting in the spirits living in communities where relative harmony reigns among all their members, and where all spirits have the same lack or the same degree of absolute harmony.

The second law that is applicable in this context is the Law of Compensation. This law has the function of establishing absolute harmony, and its methods are painful. But this pain impels the spirits to try to improve their situation. When this happens, the spirits change their place of living and move on to another place where more absolute harmony reigns and where they may live in relative harmony with their mates.

The Law of Compensation operates on the tension caused by the lack of absolute harmony. The painful principle, that is to say, the unpleasant environment and the vivid recollections which force the spirits to face all that they have done and thought, etc., is the same for all. The result is specific to each individual since the life each spirit led is different from the lives of all others.

All this is very clearly defined in the spirit world. On earth things are very different. Earth is comparable to a plane in the spirit world, because there are also millions or billions of spirits on each plane, but the difference is that on earth there are incarnated spirits of all kinds. There are saints and true monsters of wickedness. All occupy the same plane, earth, without being restricted to certain places and with free mobility within their abilities. The Law of Attraction works on earth, but the effect of this Law is very blurred. It is true some people unite and form groups of interest. For Example you do so on the Internet when you try to spread the Padgett messages. This Law, however, doesn’t have the same accuracy as in the spirit world, where it really effects a separation of spirits according to categories determined by their soul conditions.

The Law of Compensation also operates on earth but there is no uniformity in respect of the lack of absolute harmony, that is to say, relative harmony doesn’t exist. Saint and sinner live side by side.

Each mortal’s deeds and thoughts contribute their part to a pool, like a marshalling of forces which determines where humanity stands in relation to absolute harmony with the Heavenly Father and His Will. It is that position which determines the operation of the Law of Compensation, which in turn sets free its effects over all people, just and unjust equally. Many times the guardian angels or the spirit guides try to warn or to help, but it is this heterogeneous situation reigning on earth that reduces the effectiveness of our work.

As I have said, each action and each thought determines, according to its measure, humanity’s position, and hence the effects of the Law of Compensation. This is why all you do in harmony, that is in love, improves the situation of all mankind. It has not only a positive effect on yourselves, furthering your soul development, and a positive effect on your immediate environment. No, it goes way beyond this. Each action or thought out of harmony is like a grain of sand in a precision gearing, and things won’t run smoothly anymore.

With these words I have described an aspect of the “common spirit” of earth, and we will go deeper into the topic in the future.

My dear H___, you always wonder what you can do in practice. You always demand concrete examples and not theoretical speeches. So then, I want you to make a small experiment. Put a cherry in a glass of distilled water. What will happen?

The cherry will swell more and more, until it finally bursts. Why? The cherry contains sugars and minerals; the surrounding water doesn’t contain anything like that. A natural law determines that the water “wants” to equal the osmotic pressure inside and outside the cherry. There are two possible outcomes. The water may enter into the cherry in order to dilute the solution of sugars and minerals, or the sugars and minerals may leave the cherry in order to saturate the water, until there is a uniform concentration inside and outside. But the cherry’s membrane is semi-permeable, and it doesn’t allow the sugar to leave. Therefore, the water enters with the fruitless intent of equaling the concentration inside and outside, and finally the cherry is destroyed.

Something similar happens when there is a rich country and a poor country. The population of the poor country wants to enter the rich country, and in spite of all efforts, they manage to do so, because the frontier will always be semi-permeable. This may destroy the rich country. But there is another possibility that the sugars and the minerals come out, towards the poor country, and so the population will stay where they are, without any desire for migrating.

No, you are very mistaken. The sugars and minerals are not money, they are OPPORTUNITIES!

We always tell you that it is necessary to try to be as God is. This is impossible, it’s clear, but it is necessary to try to love unconditionally, to be good, to help, etc., as God does. And it is necessary to give blessings. But how does God give His blessings? He doesn’t give you money on a silver tray; I have already explained this. He grants opportunities.

So, my dear sisters and brothers, grant opportunities. Do this according to your possibilities, be tolerant, don’t reject people for their color, race, religion, political opinion, sex, etc. Grant opportunities. Don’t try to monopolize everything for yourselves, grant opportunities.

The lack of absolute harmony causes tensions, and those tensions are set free according to the Law of Compensation. Diminish tensions. You can do this through your harmonious contributions. Love, pray, help, you know already what you can do. The pool of active love in this world, of Divine Love as well as of natural love constitutes the counterbalance that can remove negativity, bringing humanity nearer to harmony, and causing positive effects for all.

Your prayers are like oil smoothing the running of gears. They are like the wind that clears the sky and allows us to see the bright sun and to feel its warmth, which gives us life.

The moment has come to say goodbye. May God illuminate the world leaders, may God shed His blessings over humanity. I want you all to obtain more of the Heavenly Father’s Love in your souls, and I ask you all to pray more than ever. The world needs this.

Thank you, H___, for your time and for giving me this opportunity to express my thoughts. You have received my message very clearly today, and I hope our good rapport may continue.

Your brother in the spirit,



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