Messages 2008

Sinning and One’s Intentions.

August 2nd, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Sinning has a great deal to do with one’s intentions. It has often happened that people have done something or said something to another that could have been interpreted as cruelty, but was really love.

For example, it has happened that a parent has refused to help a handicapped child, in order to enable that child to do it himself or herself.

And likewise, a slap in the face to someone who is hysterical in a dangerous situation has enabled that person to recover the faculties to help cope with the difficulty, both for that person’s benefit and the benefit of all concerned.

Another example is a parent who does not help an older child with a problem because the parent realizes that the child must learn responsibility, and how to deal with the problem on one’s own, instead of acting immaturely and irresponsibly.

Conversely, a good thing can be done with the wrong intention. The example you have been given is that of someone who donates generously to charity, not for the purpose of helping others, but with the motive of glorifying oneself.

And so, it has happened that some spirits have been dumbfounded to discover that their charitable deed does not bring comfort and happiness, but the reverse. They could not initially understand this, but then, as the laws work, and their soul becomes open to itself, they discover the truth, to their sorrow.