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Some questions on spiritual guides, dark spirit attack and materialism.

February 25th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


I am here again, Judas.

My dear brother, I would like to address some questions that have been presented in the last few days.

First, I would like to talk about the topic of how we, the Celestial spirits, find out that some mortal has taken interest in the truth of the New Birth.

As I have explained in previous messages, all mortals possess a guardian angel, and in most cases, even several. However, if we speak of spiritual guides, things are very different. Not everybody has them. That depends on the mortal’s attitude — and of the spirit, because they also receive guidance. When the soul demonstrates interest in the spiritual, it receives guidance.

Now, the question is, how is it determined who the guide of someone will be?

The fundamental principle in this process is, once again, the Law of Attraction. When people decide to move forward with Catholic spirituality, they will receive a spirit of the same inclination, but with a higher development, to offer them help and service. The same thing happens with the Lutheran, the Methodist, the Baptist, the Buddhist, the Muslim, etc. In other words, the decision of deepening in spirituality does not mean that a spirit of the Celestial path will be assigned to direct his charge in this direction. However, when people really take interest in this path, and when they pray for the Father’s Divine Love, then it is a spirit of this same inclination who accompanies them. It is not necessarily a spirit from the Celestial Heavens. It can be an advanced spirit from the fifth or even the seventh sphere. Everything depends on the affinity existing between guide and guided one.

Guides are not always in charge of only one mortal. They may take care of several at the same time, as in my case. You are not my only charge, but there are several others to whom my efforts go. Not all Celestial spirits work as guides, but many work in other functions. Everything depends on inclination and individual ability.

As to your Hispanic group, I am aware of what is happening. But among this group, you are my only charge. But you understand that they all have their own guides, just that I am not the guide of all of them.

Now, I wish to talk about a very serious problem. Once again, it is about attacks of dark spirits against the unprotected souls of mortals.

It is a terrible experience when such attacks occur and the mortal feels bad and cries out for help, and when he finally receives advice, for example, that he should try to pray, he is simply not in the condition to do so. All advice sounds like empty words, from somebody who can easily talk, because he is not in this situation of impotence and frustration. And perhaps the worst thing is, when the aggression ceases, it leaves a sensation of fear, making the soul even more vulnerable.

I have already told you once what fear is: The emptiness of the soul. It is lack of faith. We are afraid of what we do not know. But you know that these attackers truly are brutal, but comparatively weak, because all their zeal is empty, and it does not have the backing of the true power in the world: Love.

These attacks are not continuous, and you should take advantage of the moments of peace and tranquility to deepen your spirituality. It is then, when prayer takes force, when it goes out of a heart in love and with the desire of becoming one with our Creator. And those moments of peace will eventually be ever longer, and the attacks will cease.

Fear is what invites these undesirable intruders. And you have to overcome fear, to shut the door to your heart tightly from them. Fear disappears with faith, and faith comes with prayer. It seems like a commonplace statement, but it is true.

Sometimes your uneasiness is attributed to the tension between materialism and spirituality. This is described as antagonistic. However, it is not necessarily so. Man without spirituality is like a tree without roots, and a slight gust of wind knocks it down. He is like a leaf adrift, a toy to the wind. However, man lives in a material world, and he has to take advantage of the material for his survival. Luke wrote in a message that men are entitled to live well, in the material sense. They have to take advantage of their abilities, and within their possibilities achieve the best for themselves, without of course harming others.

I can already read your thoughts. You are thinking of pharmaceutical companies that bombard the public with an expensive commercial, wherein they attest that they are in the service of health: “Your well-being is what we are interested in!” “A shameless lie!” you say, because when in one country thousands of people die from AIDS under awful conditions, these companies are not willing to send pharmaceuticals to help them, at a cheaper price, reducing their fat profits. Because this is what it is all about: Profits! They say: “Your well-being is what we are interested in!” but they think, “Our well-being is what we are interested in! You can go to hell if you want. And if people cannot pay, well, let them die!”

You are right. It is one of the extremes of materialism. And there are people who have to work in these companies, decent people. But I want you to remember something. When Jesus walked through Palestine, he saw so many injustices, but he did not launch a “holy war.” He never hurt anybody, but he worked in his way, through his example, in his reduced circle. Well, what is Palestine, is it not just an insignificant spot on the globe? And in spite of this humble method, without resources, he achieved a work of gigantic dimensions.

You should also work in your reduced circle. It will be a valuable contribution. It is as if a battalion of soldiers crosses a bridge marching in step. Each step constitutes an insignificant force in terms of the bridge’s capacity to carry tons of weight. But together, these tiny forces add up, and the bridge will break. Each contribution is important, although you cannot see its impact immediately.

However, I ask you, what does materialism mean? Is it bad if you want to make more money to take better care of your family? Is it bad if you want a little more comfort or even luxury? What is really bad is, when these material thoughts begin to dominate, taking away ever more space from your spirituality. It is possible to achieve a balance; it is necessary to achieve it. This is the great challenge of life on earth. If you want to be near God, you need not retire to a cave in the forest. God can be far or near you in the forest and in your house or apartment.

What does it mean to bet on success in material life, or to bet on God? If you only bet on your material success, you may win or lose. This does not even depend always on you. There are so many influences for or against you that you cannot control - you don’t even know them. If you bet on God, does it mean that you give up the material part?

Always remember what you read in the Bible: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Success in life will be given to you on a silver tray. And I refer to true success, which you really need.

Sometimes you find that when you listen to your inner voice and venture into what it advises, it is like a trapeze act in the circus, without a net. However, in fact, you have the most wonderful net in the world, Celestial support, the Hand of God.

Bet on God, my dear brother, and pray for His Love. You will see how an astonishing balance will form between your material and spiritual necessities. A symbiosis will build up between a mortal’s facets, and only in this way will you find peace and happiness.

Remember, spirituality is always an attitude. It is not about knowing it, but living it.

God bless you all.

Judas of Kerioth


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