True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Louisa R. Connell had a theatrical career and is in darkness with others of the same profession.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Louisa R. Connell. Let me write a little for I am in darkness also, and need help so very much.

I was not a very good woman when on earth, nor yet a very bad one as I then thought. I was engaged in the theatrical business, and was considered a very fine singer and dancer; but I now see that my life was not one that helped me after I came to this world of truth and nakedness. I mean that nothing is hid here. I am seen just as I really exist, and I can hide nothing, or make myself appear other than I really am. I am suffering from the recollections of that earth life and the experiences that I had on the stage.

I was married to a man who was an actor, and like myself never gave any thought to the higher things of life; and so we both were satisfied to live in the atmosphere which a theatrical life throws around those who live in it.

I, of course, was a good woman in the sense of being chaste, for I have that consolation and it helps me some; especially when I consider the many temptations that surround a woman of the stage. But thank God, I maintained my chastity, and I believe that recollection has been a great help to me here. But I did many other things, which I now see were not right, and from which I am suffering and am kept in darkness. I don’t know how to get out of it and hence I come to you.

Well, when I was a child I went to church and Sunday school, and was taught what a child is usually taught there; but I have to confess that my teachings made no lasting impression on me, and after I became a woman and started my career of singing and dancing, I never gave those teachings a thought. My thoughts were given to becoming a star as we say, and a successful actress and singer; but, as you know, that did not help my spiritual nature, as I have now found to be the fact. So I am now a spirit, and am without very much knowledge of the things which I suppose are necessary for me to know to get out of this darkness.

No, he is not, he is still on earth and is not now on the stage, but is living a very respectable life with his family, for we had several children.

My name was Louisa R. Connell, and I lived in London, England, and died in 1877, at that place.

No, I have never been taught the way to light, as you say, I have met some spirits who said that they were living in a higher sphere, and could help me if I would only listen to them; but I refused because they did not seem to me to be any different from myself, and I did not believe that they could help me.

My associates have been spirits like myself - some of them theatrical people, who knew no more about spiritual things than I did. We are all in darkness and need help. Well, I will try to do as you say - only show me the way.Yes, I see a great many spirits, and they tell that I must hurry as they wish to write, but they don’t seem to be any better than I am.

Well I see more bright spirits about you and they are very beautiful, and I wonder how they can be so beautiful.

She answers and says of course she will take me with her, and help me, and love me too. And now she says come with me and I am going and will try to believe as you told me to.

So my dear friend I must say good night.