Spiritual Subjects

Removing dark spirit attachments.

This page describes the technique pioneered by Dr. Irene Hickman, and described in her book: “Remote Depossession”. I trust that my including here a chapter from this book will not upset the existing copyright holder. That used to be Irene Hickman, but sadly she recently passed over. I have asked her son, Shelley Giles, and it is his opinion that his mother would be delighted that her work is being promoted.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the phenomenon of spirit attachment. The approach that Irene has evolved is so sensible, and methodical, that anyone could follow it. Having said that, this work is not for the faint of heart, but Irene’s approach is orders of magnitude better than the traditional casting out of demons practised by many churches. (However I now concede, based on the book “Hostage to the Devil” that its possible Irene never met a real case of possession by the level of evil described in Malachi Martin’s book.)

The primary advantage in Irene’s approach, is that she “converts” all the entities to the light, and thus they are very unlikely to bother anyone else again. One might say, certain, but I guess a caveat is always smart. But simply ordering spirits to leave, means that they might attach to someone else. However, based on what is contained in the book “A Subaltern in Spirit Land - a Sequel to Gone West Part One” by J.S.M.Ward it is generally the case that if the entity came up from the hells to obsess or possess, as opposed to being an astral resident, that being will return to the hells after being exorcised. Some astral beings also suffer this fate, as a punishment for the attachment.

As this chapter is simply taken from the middle of the book, I should explain the method. Irene, as a trained professional hypnotherapist, hypnotises an assistant. This assistant, called a subject below, becomes effectively a medium, and is able to be used by Irene, to interact with the patient and any attached spirits. The patient may not be aware that this procedure is being conducted, but the patient’s higher consciousness is always asked for permission. The beauty of this approach is that reports of improvement are quite independent, as the patient frequently has no idea what has transpired. It is also totally non-invasive, unlike some reports of traditional church procedures. If you require someone to remove an attachment, for yourself or another, details can be found here.

Chapter 8 Sample Remote Depossession Session, Chicago, IL. March 1993.

The hypnotized subject was Rhona , a participant in a two-day seminar. I, Dr. Irene Hickman, conducted the session. We were asked to scan Marion’s (not her real name) mother, Joan, in Paris, France, at a specific address. Joan was located by sending a bit of Rhona’s consciousness to the address in Paris. Permission to scan Joan was requested from Joan’s higher self. Permission was granted somewhat reluctantly after we explained that our purpose was to help Joan and intended no harm.


Dr. H. Begin scanning Joan. Tell me what you find.

Rhona. There is a darkness in both arms and the solar plexus.

Dr. H. Anything else?

Rhona. Behind her in her aura.

Dr. H. What else?

Rhona. Something jumping up and down on the top of her head.

Dr H. Anything else?

Rhona. That’s all.

Dr. H. I call to you in the arms of Joan, Marions’ mother to come forward, speak through Rhona without harming her in any way or give her your thoughts so she can speak for you and identify yourself. Do you have a name?

(Asking for a name is intended to determine whether this is one who formerly had their own body or is one from the darkness.)

Rhona Pierre.

Dr H. What happened to your body Pierre? (Response was so slow that it raised doubts as to the entities true nature.) Did you really have a body?

Pierre. Yes

Dr. H. Tell me what happened to it.

Pierre. I drank some poison from a cup.

Dr. H. Then what happened to your body?

Pierre. My body is there on the floor.

Dr. H. Then what did you do?

Pierre. I just waited until someone came along.

Dr. H. When this person came along, what happened?

Pierre. This person. She was kind.

Dr. H. How old was Joan when you joined her?

Pierre. Eight.

Dr. H. Do you know that you are having a detrimental effect on Joan, and that you are holding back your own development? How do you feel about that?

Pierre. There’s nothing else.

Dr. H. If there is a better place, are you interested?

Pierre. I suppose so.

Dr. H. There is a place, called “The Light” - a place for us to go when our body dies. It is much pleasanter than staying attached to Joan. In this place you grow and learn and eventually come back in a new body of your own. Would you like to have your own body again?1

Pierre. Yes.

Dr. H. I call on anyone in “The Light who cares about Pierre to come for him and greet him, communicate with him and help him with his transition. Pierre, look up and tell me what you see.

Pierre. I see my mama.

Dr. H. Communicate with her. Ask her what it is like there. What does she tell you?

Pierre. She says it’s a good place.

Dr. H. Do you think that might be better than stayingwith Joan?

Pierre. Yes.

Dr. H. Then get ready to join your mama. But first I ask something of you. I would like you to look around inside Joan’s body and around the periphery for any other beings that are lost and confused and are attached to Joan’s body as you have been. You have a chance to gather them up and take them with you to this good place. Call to them. Are they coming?

Pierre. The one in the other arm is coming.

Dr. H. Are the others coming?

Pierre. The one in the abdomen is coming.

Dr H. And the one jumping up and down on the top of Joan’s head. Is that one of your nature or of a different nature?

Pierre. That one’s not like me.

Dr. H. We will come back and check that one later. Take your mother’s hand and the hands of those who are willing to go with you. Go in peace with our love an blessing. Thank you so much, Pierre, for helping. Now I ask the healing angels to fill with healing Light the areas just vacated by those who have departed.

Now you, who are jumping up and down on Joan’s head, come forward, speak through Rhonda without harming her in any way and identify yourself. Do you have a name?

Entity. No.

Dr. H. Have you ever had a name?

Entity. No.

Dr. H. Have you ever had your own human physical body?

Entity. No.

Dr. H. I call now on the Forces of St Michael to come with a net of Light, and wrap it around all of the dark beings in or around the being of Joan. Pull the net snug and keep tightening it slowly but steadily until these beings respond to my questions promptly and truthfully. Speak through Rhona without harming her in any way, or giver her your thoughts. What is your purpose here in Joan?

Entity. To make her miserable.

Dr. H. You’ve done a good job of that haven’t you?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. How old was Joan when you joined her?

Entity. Thirty.

Dr. H. Were you given an order to make her miserable?

Entity. No.

Dr. H. I want a truthful answer. (No response.) Do you take orders from any being? Were you given instructions before you came to Joan?

Entity. Hmmmmm.

Dr. H. When you were given instructions, what were you told about Light?

Entity. I was told to avoid it.

Dr. H. What is the reason you were given for avoiding Light?

Entity. It would make me disappear.

Dr. H. That isn’t true and I will show you. I ask now that the Forces of St Michael send a shaft of light through this “dark” one. And another and another and another. Did you disappear? Did it hurt you?

Entity. No, no.

Dr. H. You have been lied to. You have been deceived. The one who gave you your orders was wrong. Are you willing to continue taking instructions and orders from one who lies and deceives?

Entity. I would like to try that other thing.

Dr. H. You’ve heard about the other place? Have you been watching what we have been doing here today?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. What do you think about what we have been doing?

Entity. It’s dangerous.

Dr. H. Dangerous in what way?

Entity. I might get into trouble.

Dr. H. You were told to stay hidden too weren’t you?

Entity. Unhumm

Dr. H. Now you’ve been found. What happens to beings like you who don’t stay hidden?

Entity. It’s not good.

Dr. H. Have you been to that place of punishment before?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. What kind of place is it?

Entity. Pain, cold, lonely.

Dr. H. Now that you have been found, there is a chance that you will be sent there again. Would you like that? (Although some “dark” entities deny ever having been to a place of punishment - the Pit - they all admit knowing about it and that it is most unpleasant. Fear of punishment seems to be the primary motivation for following orders of their bosses.)

Entity. No. It’s bad.

Dr. H. Fortunately you do have another option. Those beings that have enclosed you in the net have come to rescue you and take you home. Some of them were once like you. Look at them now. How do they look?

Entity. The’re bright.

Dr. H. How would you like to be more like them? (No response.) You may communicate with them. Ask them if they ever had a job of causing pain and misery. Ask them what their existence is like now.

Entity. They say it’s good.

Dr. H. And they don’t have to worry about being sent to that awful place. Do you think you would like to go with them?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. In order to get ready to go, there is something you must do. Look deep within the centre of your being and tell me what you see there.

Entity. A little speck of light.

Dr. H. Watch that little speck. What happens as you watch?

Entity. Its getting bigger and brighter. (Tone of surprise.)

Dr. H. Keep watching. Now what’s happening?

Entity. It keeps growing.

Dr. H. That bit of light was there all the time, but you didn’t know it. All it takes for it to grow is for you to recognise it. Whats happening to your darkness?

Entity. Its gone.

Dr. H. The others in and around Joan have been watching what has happened to you. Tell them to look to the centres of their being. Tell me what they are finding at their centres.

Entity. They are changing too.

Dr. H. You were all operating from fear. Now you have another way to function. Are all of the former “dark” ones ready to go now?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. Fine. Go in peace with our love and blessing. As you leave Joan’s body, call out through the universe for all beings of your former “dark” nature to come and follow. Call out to all of equal rank and stature, of lesser rank and stature, and of greater rank and stature. Even call to your commander. That one might come too. Call out. Are you calling?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. Are they coming?

Entity. Yes.

Dr. H. How many?

Entity. 319.

Dr. H. Ask each one to look inside and find their true nature at their core. Thank you for helping. I now call on the healing angels to come and fill with healing light all the spaces in and around Joan’s body that were vacated by those beings who just left. Rhona, once again scan Joan. Are there any other areas where there is need for more of this kind of work.

Rhona. Around her ankles.

Dr H. You in Joan’s ankles, come forward, speak through Rhona without harming her in anyway and identify yourself. Do you have a name?

Entity. Lois.

Dr. H. Tell me about yourself, Lois. With a name you must have had your own physical body. What happened to that body?

Lois. Hit by a car. I fell out the door.

Dr. H. How old were you when this happened?

Lois. Ten.

Dr. H. Then what happened? The car hit your body, but what happened to you?

Lois. There was a lady there.

Dr. H. Did you lnow this lady?

Lois. I didn’t know what to do. I went with her.

Dr. H. This is not your body. You’re in someone else’s body. There is a much better place for you to be. It’s called “The Light.” Would you like to know about this place?

Lois. I think so.

Dr. H. I call now on anyone in “The Light” who cares about Lois to come for her, greet her, show themselves to her, communicate with her and help her transition. Lois look up and tell me what you see.

Lois. My sister.

Dr. H. I would like you to ask your sister what it’s like where she is. What does she tell you?

Lois. It’s nice.

Dr. H. Prepare to go, but before you do, please look around to see if there are any others who are attached as you have been because they did not go to “The Light.”

Lois. No others.

Dr. H. Fine, then go in peace with our love and blessing. Goodbye Lois. Again I ask the healing angels to fill the space vacated by Lois. Rhona, scan Joan again. Are there more?

Rhona. No.

Dr. H. Fine, now look at the very centre of Joan. Find the brightest point of her spirit, focus on it and whatch it expand to fill her body. tell me when her body is completely filled with Light or if you encounter any areas that fail to fill.

Rhona. She’s filled.

Dr. H. Now let the Light expand beyond her body at least arm’s length in all directions until she is completely enclosed in a bubble or cocoon of Light comforting, strengthening and protecting her. tell me when this is complete.

Rhona. It’s complete.

Dr. H. Then bring that bit of your consciousness back from Paris, back to Chicago, to this room and to your body.

Rhona. There’s something on my left shoulder.

Dr. H. You on Rhona’s left shoulder, come forward, speak through Rhona’s voice without harming her in any way and identify yourself. Do you have a name?

Entity. Samuel.

Dr. H. Samuel, what are you doing here on Rhona’s shoulder?

Samuel. I was with Joan. I didn’t go. (This is the only time this has happened in my experience.)

Dr. H. You must have had a good reason for not wanting to go. What is the reason?

Samuel. I just didn’t want to go.

Dr. H. You may have missed a wonderful opportunity.Those who come from “The Light” to greet their loved ones all say it’s wonderful there. Is it wonderful where you are?

Samuel. It’s not easy here.

Dr. H. Are you telling methat you can’t stick to Rhona very easily?

Samuel. Right.

Dr. H. I now call on anyone in “The Light” who cares about Samuel to come for him, greet him, communicate with him and help him with his transition. Samuel, look up. Tell me what you see.

Samuel. My girlfriend Louise.

Dr. H. Do you want to stay here on Rhona’s shoulder or do you want to go with Louise?

Samuel. I’ll go.

Dr. H. That wasn’t a very difficult decision then?

Samuel. No.

Dr. H. Then go in peace with our love and blessing. Join Louise. I ask now for the healing angels to come and fill the spaces with Light that were just vacated by Samuel. Rhona, is there anything else we need to do for you?

Rhona. No more.

Dr. H. Then focus on the centre of your being and find the brightest point of your spirit. Let this brightness fill your body and extend beyond forming a great cocoon of Light around you.

Rhona. It’s formed.

Dr. H. Prepare to waken. The forces within your body will equalise. I will soon waken you by counting backward fro twenty-one to one using alternate figures.


1 This particular comment presupposes reincarnation is true, which would of course not be something one would say if you do not accept that doctrine.