Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

Eugene Morgan’s mother writes

November, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


Let me write a line to my boy, as I am so anxious to have him feel that his mother is here with all her love and longings. I have waited so long for the opportunity to write to him, or in any way to communicate. And now that I have this opportunity, all mine, I am so full of emotion that I scarcely know what to say. But this I do know, that I love him with all my soul and being. So tell him that his mother can only say this, that she loves him and wants him to believe that she is with him. And to think of her with all the loving thoughts of his nature.

I am in a sphere where happiness is very great and where the spirits who live there have the Divine Love of the Father to a great degree.

I am so hopeful that his father will be with me before a great while, for he is a good kind man just as he was on Earth. And this counts for a great deal in the progress of a spirit. I am now with his father very much and he knows that he is mine and I am his, and hence, no doubt ever enters our hearts as to who our one true companion for all eternity will be.

I would like to send a message tonight to the daughter of my friend and companion who is in such distress, but I am not strong enough. And I will have to disappoint him at this time, but soon I will write such a message. But this I must say, that we are both looking after her, and are with her a great deal, giving to her the influence of our loves and spiritual powers. Have him tell her this, that she must pray to the Father and ask for faith, and as the Love of the Father comes to her, faith will also come. And that with this faith will come a peace that she has never known, and will stay with her as nothing else can do.

How I wish that I could show myself to my boy as he sits here, and I hope that sometime I will be able to. For I want to tell him that he has the clairvoyant powers in their latent strength which may be developed. Sometime I will try to tell him how he may develop this power, and if he follows my advice he will succeed.

His father sends love and blessings, and with mine, without limit. I must say good night.


This message is not in the published volumes. It was published by the F.C.N.B in the March issue of the 2017 Divine Love Newsletter.