True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 1

John the Baptist is now the harbinger of the Master as he was on earth. Confirms Jesus’ writing through Mr. Padgett.

August 10th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, John the Baptist.

I came to tell you that I am now a harbinger of the Master as I was when on earth and that he is the true Jesus who writes to you in all the communications which you received signed by him or by his name. I do this that you may believe and not doubt the messages that you receive. He has just written you 1 and you must rely on what he says, for what he has said to you will surely come to pass.

I am the same John who appeared in Palestine and announced his coming, and as I told them what was actually to take place, so I tell you what is actually taking place, and you will not only receive the messages of truth which he will write you, but they will also be distributed to all mankind wherever the written languages of the world exist and are spoken or written.

So you have before you a wonderful and important mission and one that will do more to make true brothers and lovers of the Father than anything that has happened since the Master was on earth and taught and preached the truths of his Father, and did good to physical man.

I sometimes have wondered why you should have been selected, as I see that you are not a man who has led a spiritual life so far as your acts and deeds are concerned and consequently your soul development has not been nearly as great as that of many other men who now live and have lived; but as he has made the selection, we must understand that he knows what is best, and that his selection must be the right one. As a consequence of this, all we who are his followers in the Celestial World are trying our best to forward the cause and help you; and I must tell you that you have behind you in this great work, supporting and maintaining you, more spiritual power than any mortal has ever had before. This may sound to you surprising, but it is true.

And when the time comes that you shall enter fully into this good work you will be able to do things in the way of showing the greatness of spiritual powers that will not only surprise yourself, it will make all who come into contact with you wonder and as a consequence believe in the efficacy of the greatness of God and His wonderful love for man.

So, my brother, for such I must call you now, try to acquire a faith in the love and desire of the Father to save all mankind from the errors of their lives and to make them one with Him that will enable you to stand forth as the representative of the Master and the authoritative teacher of these great truths. I know that this may sound to you as being beyond all possibility of fulfillment but it will come to pass and you will be a most powerful and succesful advocate of the Master and a true portrayer of the divine plans of the Father.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens and am very close to Jesus in his home and in his love for the Father and for all humanity. I have powers which are great and Love which is of the Divine Essence of the Father and what I tell you now I will tell to the world when the opportunity presents itself.

So take my advice and believe in the Master and trust God. I will not write more tonight but will come to you often after you commence to do the work of the Master as he desires you to do it.

ThatHerod who caused my death is now, strange as it may seem to you, in the Celestial world. He has been redeemed by the Love of the Father and is a close follower of the Master and a worker in his cause and I will tell you that his love for me is something astonishing as he seems to think that he did me the greatest injury that he did to any man and that the only recompense he can make to me is to love me with all his heart and to show me this fact whenever the occasion to do so arises. I love him too and am trying to show him the beauty of the greater love which the Father has in store for him.

She (Salome, Herod’s daughter) is also in the Celestial heavens but not so high up in the spheres as is Herod. She was in this spirit world a long time before she repented of great sins, not the least of which was what she caused to be inflicted on me, but in the course of time she repented and became relieved from her sufferings and progressed in the spiritual heavens until at last she received the Divine Love of the Father who is all mercy and commenced her real progress and is now a lover of the Father and an inhabitant of His Kingdom.

She is also a lover of me and largely for the same reasons of which I have told you in the case of Herod. And it may be the same for her mother (Herodias) but in her case the repentance was longer and the suffering was greater and her state of darkness was very much blacker than that of the daughter. But at last the Divine Mercy reached her and she is now in the Kingdom but not so advanced as are the others.

So let all know that the mercy of the Father is sufficient for the vilest sinner of earth if you will only pray to the Father for His forgiveness and His Divine Love and for redemption from all sin and error. What a wonderful thing is the Love of God and how He yearns to see every one of His children become reconciled to Him in love and truth.

So my dear brother, I will say goodnight.

Your Brother in Christ,

John the Baptist

The words in italics were not included in the published version of this message. As these predicted things did not come to pass, it makes sense that Dr. Stone edited the message to concentrate on that which was important. The issue of why spirits cannot predict the future, is covered in this message. The complete transcription of this message was shared by Paul King on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary retreat held in Washington D.C. in September 2014.

1 This probably refers to an unpublished personal message of August 7th, 2015.