Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

Comments on the work with dark spirits.

January 23rd, 1935.

Received by Eugene Morgan

Washington D.C.


Millions made use of your services tonight to enable us to visualise to them. Numbers beyond computation are still desirous of obtaining the help you can make possible for them to receive.

You must realise what your work means. You have made it possible for millions to leave their hells and find their homes in the Celestial Heavens as Divine Angels. I little thought when I became your guide that you would accomplish what you have. No man, and as a fact, no spirit has made such marvellous inroads among the deluded and misguided spirits as you have. We must now discontinue our writing as millions are seeking control, and we do not desire to use force to maintain it. Among those present is or was Jesus. Luke.


This message is not in the published volumes. It was transcribed and presented at the 2014 100th year Anniversary by Paul King.