Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

Dr Campbell prescribes treatments and diet for James Padgett

August 2nd, 19151

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Dr. Campbell, who is now and has been interested in your welfare for some time. I see that you need my attention at this time and as the Master told you, you must follow my advice and if you do so you will soon be well and feel young again.

In the first place the condition of your stomach is very bad and because of that comes the great depression in your head and brain powers and weakness in other parts of your body.

I see you have taken some purgative medicine and that is well; but after it has worked out take some castor oil to finish the work of cleansing you, about a tablespoon full will be sufficient. And then eat very lightly for several days. No meat and little fish.

You can eat some soft boiled eggs in the morning and for dinner some fish or rare beef and vegetables such as lettuce or tomatoes or peas. No potatoes or cucumbers or any vegetables of a starchy character. Drink milk instead of coffee. Cut out coffee entirely for a while.

Eat toast bread or hard crusted rolls for several days and you will find that you will feel much better. Take a tonic and I don’t know a better one than beef iron and wine as you took before.

You do not exercise enough. Take a good walk in the morning before you eat and a short one in the evening. If you will do this you will soon feel much better.

Well that is caused by the accumulation of gases and I would advise that before you eat your dinner you take a dose of the medicine that I before prescribed for you. If you continue the exercise that I recommended you will find that this contracted feeling will leave you and that you will soon be able to walk not only rapidly but for some distance.

I would further advise that you retire earlier and rise earlier and get the fresh morning air. You have a park close at hand and it would be beneficial for you to walk in the park in the early morning.

There is nothing the matter with you organically and the feelings of distress that you have come from local causes and can be easily removed if you follow my advice. So do as I say and you will feel better very soon.

Well, Watermelon won’t hurt you neither will peaches if they be ripe. Ice cream is not so good. Wait until you feel that you have gotten rid of your troubles and then you can eat it.

Well, I thank you for your kind wishes and am pleased to inform you that I am progressing and am enjoying an increased happiness all the time. I am in the fifth sphere and am trying hard to get higher. I am with you quite often.

Yes, I do and you may believe that he actually wrote the story which you received a few days ago. We were all highly pleased that you could receive it so completely. It was a pretty story and you will get others I am informed.

Well, the time will soon arrive when we will make known to you the remedy.2 All the physicians who are working on this remedy are satisfied that you are the one that shall receive it and try to make use of it in helping mankind. It will hot be difficult to administer as I first thought but you will have to have the assistance of some physician who understands certain conditions of the human body that you do not.

It will be a liquid to be injected into the blood of the patient and also a liquid to be taken internally.

No we have not yet finally determined the ingredients or their proportions, but it will not be long now before we will and then we think that the greatest curse to physical well being well be overcome and finally eradicated.

It will be a glorious triumph if we succeed as we feel certain of doing.

Some are working on the problem now and they tell me that they have great hope of discovering a remedy that will be efficacious. It will be a wonderful discovery if they succeed. And if they do they will probably want you to make it known to humanity and I know you will do your best to accomplish this end.

I have written enough. So my dear I will with all my love as a brother Christian say good night. Jas. G. Campbell


Note 1. This message was not published and the date is from the archive.

Note 2. This and subsequent passages appear to be a reference to finding a cure for tuberculosis, although the index entry simply says “tuberculosis” and that word is not in this message.