Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

Helen tells of the false beliefs of Mr Colburn.

February 13th, 1918.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, I see that you have had an enjoyable evening and I have listened with interest to your conversation in reference to the Colburns and can assure you that what you said as to his beliefs and his probable future is correct. It is deplorable that he has such beliefs and they are the principal causes of your and the spirits not being able to reach him in the way of convincing him of the truth. I was at the office this afternoon and heard the conversation and was so sorry that he has such an absurd and wholly unjustifiable beliefs. His mother was present also and it distressed her very much when she heard him express his ideas as to God and good and evil and thereby display a total want of knowledge or experience of the Love. Of course she knows what his beliefs or rather want of beliefs were and was hoping that in some way he might be convinced of his errors but she had never heard his beliefs put in such concrete form.

Sometime I will write you in reference to him and his beliefs and the great struggle that he will have sooner or later in getting rid of these erroneous beliefs and in getting into the way of the Kingdom. I fear that he will have to suffer much before he makes the progress and one reason among others will be that he believes that these very struggles will be necessary to give him strength and enable him to enjoy the good when he shall have obtained it. How very little he knows of the Father’s Love and what that Love provides in the way of relieving the soul from suffering and how it can strengthen the soul and give it capacity to enjoy the good. Evil is a curse and in no sense can it be considered a blessing in disguise or otherwise.

Well, I heard what the Dr.’s father and sister wrote and he must heed their advice for the Dr.’s condition must be as they told him else they would not have written as they did. Dr. Campbell will examine him and come to you and prescribe what which will do the Dr. good. I see that your cold is troubling you tonight and I will not write longer. Go to bed and get your sleep.

Love me and pray to the Father and believe all things that we have told you and you will not be disappointed.

Good night my own dear husband. Your own true and loving, Helen.


This message is not in the published volumes. It was distributed by the F.C.N.B in their Winter 2014 Newsletter.