Messages 2009

Preexistence of the Celestial Heavens - 2

February 7th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

You just read that I channeled through Mr. Padgett the following:

“And if man had never received this Divine Love into his soul, there never would have been any such Kingdom brought into existence.”

You channeled me as saying that the Celestial Kingdom pre-existed my ministry. Let me explain.

God never creates nothing from nothing. The Celestial Kingdom did not spring from nothing. But It did take the form the Celestial spirits gave It through their desires and their personalities. So in other words, before It was inhabited, It was, as you say in English, an empty shell. Without the presence of inhabiting Angels, It really did not exist, even though the structure was there.

The Celestial Kingdom consists of the Celestial Angels who inhabit It, just as the mortal church originally meant the congregation, the actual people who followed Jesus. But they had to have a place to congregate. So this means that though the basic structure preexisted, It really did not exist as a living Kingdom, but only as potential. But It did exist, except not in the living form It took when It came to be inhabited.

It is a matter of, as you say in English, semantics. The Celestial Kingdom’s existence is totally based on the possession of the Divine Love by Its inhabiting Angels. But this Kingdom is also a location, and this location did preexist, though incomplete and lacking the breath of life which was supplied by the Angels who transformed It by the Love in their soul.

The problem (as is often the case) is the limitation of mortal language.