Messages 2006

Jesus comments on the Jewish presence in the Padgett Messages.

July 3, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Jesus.

Let me comment on references to Jews and Judaism in the Padgett messages. It cannot be argued that these statements can be seen as unflattering. And yet, anyone objective can agree that Jews have had their failings. Padgett was neutral on this subject. He did not possess anti-Semitic feelings.

Spirits have all kinds of opinions. To say, for example, that the rejection of me by the Jews may explain their unhappy fate, is an opinion. We know your opinion is completely different.

Being Jewish yourself, you naturally would show more direct sympathy for your native faith and your ancestors. God thus used you to continue our mission by having you channel some of these ancient Jewish leaders, which you have done. We are very pleased with how these messages were received.