Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2006


Author Title Date of Message
Amy Crossing Over: The newly arrived spirit. January 2nd, 2006
Elyon A Message of Love. January 6th, 2006
Peter Dropping defenses in the name of Love. January 27th, 2006
St Augustine The Physical Pleasures. March 3rd, 2006
Mary Magdalene and Jesus Observing the Human Soul. April 1st, 2006
Moses Jewish Medium attracts fellow Jewish Spirits. April 9th, 2006
Uharu A Native American Perspective on Life April 11th, 2006
Confucius Confucius and the Spirit World. April 11th, 2006
Rameses II Pharoah found the New Birth. April 12th, 2006
Samuel Beckett Samuel Beckett is unhappy. April 13th, 2006
Mani The World is Good. April 14th, 2006
Confucius Confucianism and the present. April 17th, 2006
Tacitus Tacitus experiences the New Birth. May 13th, 2006
Cotton Mather Experiences of a Colonial Puritan. May 20th, 2006
Cotton Mather God looks at the heart. May 21st, 2006
James Padgett The Second Coming. May 21st, 2006
Nietzsche Nietzsche is unhappy. May 28th, 2006
James Padgett The Good Stuff. June 3rd, 2006
Mary The Stuff of Eternity. June 5th, 2006
Jesus The Eternal Moment. June 10th, 2006
James Padgett Love’s power to erase error. June 10th, 2006
Henry James Sr. Henry James Sr. experiences the New Birth. June 15th, 2006
Roger Williams Freedom both in Colonial America and in the future. June 15th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on James’ message. June 17th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the Padgett messages. June 22nd, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the Divine Love/Padgett Movement. June 27th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the Jewish presence in the Padgett Messages. July 3rd, 2006
Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson still does not believe in the Divine Love. July 15th, 2006
Uharu Native American Values. July 18th, 2006
Socrates Our Higher Inner Compass. July 19th, 2006
Peter Rules of the game. July 20th, 2006
Unknown A bright future. July 24th, 2006
Jesus The physical pleasures are good. July 30th, 2006
Will Rogers Peace and Love are assured. August 3rd, 2006
David Ben-Gurion The Arab/Israeli Conflict August 7th, 2006
George Bernard Shaw Shaw has found the Divine Love. August 13th, 2006
Pelagius Pelagius is vindicated. August 24th, 2006
Voltaire Voltaire found the living God. August 28th, 2006
Anne Hutchinson A courageous American Colonial dissenter says peace will come. August 30th, 2006
Langston Hughes America will be true to herself. August 31st, 2006
Malcolm X Malcolm X loves all humanity. September 13th, 2006
Dr Daniel G Samuels & Jesus Turning the Corner. September 21st, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the masculine language in the Padgett Messages. September 24th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud. September 27th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - The Parable. September 27th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Women. September 28th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Similarities, Continued. September 29th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Chronology. September 30th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - The Two Talmuds. September 30th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - The Soul and the Afterlife. October 7th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Women, further explained. October 17th, 2006
John the Baptist John the Baptist’s understanding of Jesus’ Mission. October 19th, 2006
Lady Murasaki A Famous Ancient Japanese Novelist has experienced the New Birth. October 20th, 2006
Jesus Clarifications of the Padgett/Samuels Messages. October 21st, 2006
Jesus Perceptions of the Talmudic Rabbis. October 21st, 2006
Jesus God’s Location. October 21st, 2006
Moses Moses on Judaism. October 23rd, 2006
Moses Moses on Judaism and Christianity. October 24th, 2006
Moses Moses’ inner life as a mortal. October 25th, 2006
Moses Moses the Dreamer. October 25th, 2006
Moses Moses and Pharaoh. October 25th, 2006
Moses Moses and Women. October 26th, 2006
Moses Moses’ Death and Afterlife Experience. October 26th, 2006
Jesus The Environment. October 29th, 2006
James Padgett Mr Padgett’s early Life. November 11th, 2006
Malcolm X Malcolm X’s regrets. November 18th, 2006
Jesus The Book of Job and the problem of evil. December 6th, 2006
William Bradford Thoughts of a Pilgrim Leader. December 14th, 2006
Jesus Suffering, Redemption and the Cross. December 19th, 2006
F.D Roosevelt F.D. Roosevelt discusses his Spirit Experiences. December 20th, 2006
Woodrow Wilson An American President’s Idealism. December 20th, 2006
Theodore Roosevelt An American President confronts the Spirit World. December 20th, 2006
George Washington The Founder of His Country lends his support. December 20th, 2006
Jesus The exact nature of the charges at Jesus’ trial. December 21st, 2006
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan. December 24th, 2006
F.D.Roosevelt President Roosevelt adds to his previous message. December 25th, 2006
Jesus The American People and Peace. December 25th, 2006
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan 2. December 26th, 2006
F.D.Roosevelt President Roosevelt’s Morality. December 26th, 2006
Joan of Arc What If I Had Not Been Executed. December 26th, 2006