Messages 2006

The Eternal Moment.

June 10, 2006

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible. Although the Bible’s account of my life is not the most historically accurate, it places me in time, thus my reason for identifying myself in this way. I brought with me the awareness of the rebestowal of God’s Divine Love, and the potentiality of the human soul to become at-one with the Soul of God, possessed of the immortal quality of that love. Since my life on earth, it continues to be my mission to clarify this true soul’s relationship to God to both mortals and spirits, and it is no less of a discovery for me to become more and more aware of the eternally loving qualities of my Heavenly Father, and the subsequent joy of spreading this truth of His love.

I wish to write about the workings of faith and the role of the Holy Spirit as faith is manifested by the soul. The ever-present nature of the Holy Spirit helps bring faith to the foreground as one longs to connect with God. I cannot speak enough about this soul longing, having witnessed the beauty of the opening up of the soul to the Divine Love and thus perceiving the true nature of my sisters and brothers. In this moment of longing and the reciprocation of Divine Love, it is as if time is suspended and the soul is without memory of the past and in possession of no wish for the future. The soul is completely transfixed within the embrace of the power of this love, which, in this moment, eclipses all other realities.

Let us consider the truth that the Holy Spirit is always present with you as the promised Comforter. It is this Spirit that keeps God close to you and cognizant of your every thought, desire, and deed - not as One who counts these against you, but as One who cares to know His beloved. And as you aspire with true soul longings, the Holy Spirit suspends you in the timelessness of the Divine Love, and causes that connection - even if it is only for an instant - to be the most real moment you have ever experienced. This experience awakens your perceptions of faith and love, and helps to increase your desires to repeat this experience. As your soul receives the Divine Love, your deepest longings and aspirations are fulfilled, which supplant all other desires.

As an example, let’s say you have always wanted to see a famous musician perform: you look for the opportunity, pay a large sum of money for the ticket, and eagerly await the day of the performance. In the meantime, your soul is blessed with the sound of a heavenly chorus such as you have never heard - it fills your ears, your mind, your heart, and your body hums with the vibration of a million voices lifted in praise. And then you realize that no mortal performance would ever be able to surpass this experience and, by comparison, would be far inferior to it.

Within these eternal “moments,” your faith in the reality of the Divine Love develops and all things become possible as the highest law of love takes precedence over all other laws. Let your soul longings go out for the Divine Love and allow yourself to be suspended in the embrace of the Holy Spirit. Seek this love again and again so that it may cause the aspirations and longings of your soul to become the most real experiences in your life, and thereby sustain your faith and increase your love for God and your fellowman.

I am pleased, dear sister, and thank you for taking my message today. I am your brother in Christ, Jesus, and Master of the Celestial Heavens.