Messages 2006

Our Higher Inner Compass.

July 19, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Socrates.

I know you are very curious as to what I wish to write about. Well, since you are reading about my culture, let me comment on it.

In my time, some of us tried to understand the nature of the universe and of life. We succeeded to a certain extent in deducing certain principles. But the best of us could only conclude that in the long run, life and the universe were a mystery, whose meaning we could not penetrate.

Of course, since then, many scientific truths have been discovered, which certainly make more sense of this mystery. But even your generation, with all the accumulation of centuries of scientific thought, and with all the recent advances in science and technology, will be forced to admit that the fundamental mystery remains in place.

In your present time, science has lost its deep connection to other forms of Truth. Instead of enlightening humanity, too often science has enslaved it. And this is because there has been a severe divorce between science/technology and morality.

As time goes by, humanity will have to, and will, repair this breach, so that those engaged in technological pursuits will perceive their role in a moral context as well. I know this seems impossible in contemporary America, but it will eventually come to pass.

And along with this moral dimension will come a spiritual dimension, in which the husks of religion will be broken, and the kernel of Truth, that religion originally possessed, will be laid bare again, so that humanity will once again regain its higher compass. This will all come to pass.

The nature of your time demands this radical shift in focus. But it is a process that must evolve organically based on the laws of psychology and human society.

Let me conclude by saying that over and above this eventual shift, is the great Truth of the New Birth, which I possess. This is the highest Truth of God, which no other Truth will ever surpass.

I was attracted by your interest and love. May you discover that life is only Love and trust, and that any problem can be resolved with help from God.

Love, Socrates


Socrates (470–399 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher who is widely credited for laying the foundation for Western philosophy. (Source: Wikipedia) He delivered a earlier message through James Padgett.