Messages 2006

The Stuff of Eternity.

June 5, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with my beloved friend, John, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus and a true follower of our Master and friend, Jesus. Yes, I am your guardian, and I am grateful that you have picked up the pen for I wish to write upon the subject of faith and how it can work more for you in your life on earth.

The faith you are born with requires no soul development. This faith serves you in developing your trust in the goodness of God’s creations, which includes trusting in your own sense of direction to keep you in harmony with others, and helps you fulfill the purpose of your creation. Love, of course, may bless you and manifest itself in the many wonderful relationships that are a natural outcome of life on earth. And that love reaches even beyond the earth life as your family performs a great service in their continuing wish for your happiness.

And then there is the faith that is the result of the divine love within your soul – the “mustard seed” that grows and expands the more you exercise that love in your life. How do you exercise the divine love? By allowing it to flow from you as a purpose unto itself – flowing upward toward its source, elevating you along with it to see beyond the limitations of your natural creation and into your greatest potential. Yes, you will understand more how God might see you and your sisters and brothers, and this greater love of your soul will find its way to help show you how to heal and change whatever interferes with it.

The power of divine love’s influence puts your will to greater use by aligning it with the highest good that God has imbued in this creature. No longer the image, you now have available the “stuff of eternity” to use to shape your life. I am speaking here of the divine love at work within you, and the faith that enables you to finally see and understand your “soul’s work.” No greater work can you perform for you bring yourself to the world with an intention to heal, to inspire, to nurture, to guide – to serve your highest potential of any given moment.

Faith, then, is the activity that flows from that love and brings into operation the highest Law of Love that aligns all other laws to work toward their harmonious end. Imagine these laws as a trail of domino tiles that have been set up in exact relation to one another, and that when the first is put into motion, it causes all the others to lay down in perfect order. Faith is the first action in the intricate plan that God has put into place – a plan that awaits your willing participation.

If you can trust the divine love to open your eyes to see what you can do, make the further leap to know you can do it and do it. Let love have its way – it already knows what to do – and watch all the pieces fall into place when you exercise your love and faith. God’s Hand is in it; the laws will bend to the highest Law of Love.

Thank you, my dear sister. You are not alone. I am Mary, and your guardian in the divine love.