Messages 2006

President Roosevelt’s Morality.

December 26th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

You must not fear that you mischanneled my two previous messages.

The biography of me which you have been reading presents two sides to my personality - the sincere moralist, and the consummate politician.

And indeed, this is true; I was divided in my soul. Both sides tugged at me all through my long political career, and I realize in hindsight that they sometimes fought and quarreled.

So what you channeled is true. I said that my view of life did not rise above the earthplane. You have felt this is not true, since I did have a strong sense of morality.

But being a politician in the public eye, this morality was often buffeted by the storms of political expediency. And, as high-minded and sincere as my sense of morality was, it never had to do with anything higher than the earthplane. Indeed, anything else seemed irrelevant to me.

Now let me help you. The queasy feeling about your work difficulties is to be expected, but these problems are only temporary. You will be rescued from them, and you will move into a very happy period in your life. Providence will shine on you again, as it always has.

Your current concern is your lack of retention ability of your brain, but the cause is not in your brain’s functioning, but rather in the stress and fear which this dilemma is causing. Once this cause is removed, you will find that your brain will revert to its normal role of functioning. You coped successfully on jobs all your life, and you will continue to do so.