Messages 2006

Moses’ Death and Afterlife Experience.

October 26th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Moses.

I come this morning to write about my death. I knew, as people generally do, that my time was coming, and I chose to go up to a mountain alone to meet my Maker. Zipporah had already passed away, and this was a heavy burden for me.

Though I had a very vague idea of what awaited me after death, I knew that I would continue to live, and that I would see Zipporah again. This gave me the courage to be completely at peace when death came.

As I lay on the ground waiting for my death, I reflected on my earth journey, and had a glorious elation that my faith had been reinforced time and time again. My rescue by Jethro and his family, the evolution of the best sides to my personality, my love for Zipporah, the miraculous liberation from Egypt - all this and more confirmed this faith and supported my conviction that I would continue to live, and that I would be very happy.

Another reason for my happiness was that I was old and tired, and the stress of dealing with the unreasonable demands of the people, who often did not have the proper attitude of gratitude to God for their deliverance, was almost too great for me to bear.

Before I ascended to the mountain, I delegated authority to Joshua. I had been preparing him for his leadership role, and when it came time for him to assume it, he was ready.

As my soul left my body, I had the most delicious sensation of so many burdens lifting. And the spirit I met first was - you guessed it - Zipporah. Oh, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks, and I was so overcome with emotion that for a long while, I could not speak. We lingered at the portals of the spirit world for a long time, renewing our bond.

When the summons came, I found myself in a sphere of great light. I met and talked with the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I met their wives and the children of Jacob. It was a dream come true. By that time, they had all progressed into considerable light.

When Jesus was preaching in the Holy Land, I listened to him intently and began to pray for the Divine Love. I received a portion of It and displayed It at the Transfiguration. I eventually received the New Birth. The Celestial Heavens were beyond my wildest dreams.

Death came as my greatest friend. It would be good for people to feel this.