Messages 2006

Moses and Pharaoh.

October 25th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Moses.

I want in this message to describe my relationship with Pharaoh, the man I once called brother.

You have been very affected by, and in love with, the animated feature The Prince of Egypt. You feel it is the very first time that anyone explored this relationship.

Well, just as the film shows, it was very complex and difficult. Having been raised together, we knew each other intimately. We played together as children, and as we become adults, we shared our “coming of age.”

Though I was pampered as royalty, I never lost a sense of personal virtue and integrity, and I was loved for this, particularly by Pharaoh the father. He saw these qualities and was moved to look on me as his own son.

His son possessed the arrogance of power. For him, nothing could stand in the way of attaining his desire. And this desire was for empire.

Now Pharaoh and I shared our formative years together, and so the bond established between us was never broken, and we both suffered immensely by the circumstances that divided us. That is why he never sought to harm me physically even though I was asking the impossible of him. You have always wondered why I was never struck down by him. Well, now you have the answer.

It is true that in his rage to destroy the Hebrews after their escape, this bond was obscured. But it never left him. I have spoken to him in the spirit world, and this is what he has told me. He said that he wished to place his empire over any concern or feeling he had for me personally. He made that separation because he felt that was his duty to do so. But it hurt him to hurt me, and the divide between us was painful precisely because we were so close.

Of course, he could not understand my position. For him, a slave was a slave and nothing more. That was the prevailing attitude of the ancient world. That is why I realized, even at the time, how radical my idea of their freedom really was.

The success of my efforts confirmed my faith and defeated the most powerful man in the world. It also set the stage for every struggle for freedom, and paved the way for your own country, the United States, to adopt freedom as a form of government.