Messages 2006

The Environment.

October 29th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Jesus.

I come this morning to write about the environment. Obviously, there can be no peace on Earth, no harmony on Earth, if the environment has been eroded to the point where it cannot sustain life.

Everybody is thinking about this. I want you and the whole world to know that we Celestial Angels are very mindful of these issues, and we are waiting to put into place those things that will help humanity to not abuse the environment.

As you have correctly surmised, the environmental crisis has not currently reached the point of no return, despite the dire nature of some predictions. Just at the right moment, we will influence those people who are doing these harmful things to see the error of their ways. Many have lost hope because they feel the evidence points to the impossibility of solving these problems. But such is not the case.

What will have to occur, and what will occur, is that mortals will be educated as to what each person can do to help, and there will be a mighty outpouring of efforts to turn back the tide of abuse. A very dramatic event in your country, the United States, will be the catalyst that will activate this process.

I know you are not an environmental scientist. You tend to believe the truthfulness of these dire predictions. But Nature has a great capacity to renew herself. I cannot channel through you a point-by-point rebuttal of these things since your mind is not acquainted with this sort of thing, but I can say that no matter how impossible they seem, these problems will eventually be solved, and the Earth will be the Paradise it was always meant to be.