Messages 2006

A bright future.

July 24, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


We are here with you, our dear sister in God’s Love. You have been aware of the fact that oftentimes when you are expressing your views on the Board, that we are influencing you with our thoughts as well. One of the ways you can come to this conclusion is that when you try writing at other times, the words don’t come to mind as easily or flow into harmonious sentences in the expressions you’re sharing.

As God’s children progress in their transformation of soul in the Divine Love, they become more compatible with our thoughts and able to receive our messages with greater ease and clarity. This is the workings of the law of rapport and communication. So it would follow that the higher one progresses in Love, the higher content of truth they’ll be able to receive from Celestial Spirits.

There is no limit to the progress of the soul, until it reaches the very Fountainhead of the Father’s Soul. So the truths will be continuing to unfold throughout the centuries. Everyone now living on earth will be in the spirit world and there will be more truthful information still being transmitted to the earthlings. If humankind decides to activate its higher spiritual potential and doesn’t fall to lower influences, the future could be very bright, almost beyond belief and description.

But, of course, there is still the issue of free will to be taken into consideration, and it cannot be predicted exactly when the law of eventual harmony will come to pass. If people stay in the same condition as they are today, with the same mindsets, preconceived ideas, desires for retaliation and pay back, without being willing to turn the other cheek or love their enemies, the harmonious outcome will need to wait another century or two.

In the meantime, each person is in charge of their own individual spiritual development and their relationship to their Loving Creator. These individuals can bring peace and harmony into their own hearts and souls through this relationship and applying their God given Love into each and all of their earthly activities. And when they become spirits, they will go to a higher sphere and plane than they otherwise would, if they stayed “attached” to the material activities of earth and the resultant lowering of their thoughts and desires.

It is the free will choice of the majority of humankind to be involved with the earthly activities as long as they are in their flesh bodies. And that is good, if they remember to integrate their souls Love into these functions. When Love is being exuded from the soul, it only enhances the functions of the mind and body in earth life. We get away from saying “good or bad, right or wrong”, but instead recognize if it’s a movement of love, or if it involves compassion and caring. The motive and intention behind the action is what attracts the reward or requirement of expiation to be experienced.

When a person is contrite, recognizing some lack of consideration for others and prays for Mercy, this awareness and prayer alleviates the penalty. Divine Love is the accompaniment of Mercy and forgives the transgression. One of the things which causes a person to suffer or struggle longer than necessary with an issue of trespass, is the inability to forgive self. It is no insignificant matter to reject ones goodness because such action prolongs unhappiness and feelings of unworthiness. It might be considered that this unforgiveness of self is part of the penalty, but it more-often-than-not is carried on longer than would be called for by the law.

I hope there will be some helpful information in what I’ve delivered today and that it might be easily understood and applied. I love all God’s children and bring my influences to bear to help them love God and accept their own goodness.

I’ll leave you now with my blessings. I feel satisfied with the way you’ve received my thoughts.

I am a Celestial Angel, and I love you.