Messages 2006

Moses on Judaism.

October 23rd, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Moses.

Let me comment on the statement I made (and I did make it) in a Padgett message:

“… and Judaism, in its religious aspect, will gradually disappear, and the Jews will become a part of the one great religious brotherhood of men ….”

I know this sentence has disturbed you, for even though you yourself cannot relate to traditional Judaism at all as a Jew, nevertheless you recognize that many Jews relate very well to it, and actually derive meaning and comfort from it.

You know that when a devout Jew reads this channeling, his blood pressure will probably rise dangerously. To read that I believe in Jesus! And that their religion will gradually disappear! They will feel that that represents annihilation for them.

This is an example of how earthplane thinking conflicts with Celestial thinking. We in the Celestial Heavens are always thinking of how to bring people to the New Birth. I no longer subscribe to the laws I enumerated in the Torah because I possess this New Birth.

You read that Jewish thought actually predicts that in the Messianic Era, Jews will fulfill Jeremiah’s and Ezekiel’s vision of the Covenant of the New Heart, when Jews will no longer need to study Torah because the Law will be put “in their inward parts” and written “in their hearts” by God. Well, that is exactly what I and the Padgett messages represent - the fulfillment of the Torah. If you see it that way, it becomes less objectionable to you.

You feel that so many Jews cling to their traditions and customs because this gives them an identity, and also meaning. They believe that, for example, Torah commands them to build a sukkah [a booth] on the festival of Sukkot, and so for the other customs and rituals sanctioned by Torah. Because you are tolerant and respectful, you don’t want in any way to impede that.

Well, you won’t, you just won’t. The Padgett messages are your belief. Torah is the belief of a devout Jew. You are allowed to believe the way you do, and you recognize that same right for your coreligionists.

But what if my statement is simply true? I know it’s a disturbing and dangerous thought for an observant Jew, and they cling to their faith because that is who they are. I did not say, “let us destroy Judaism.” I simply stated what I consider to be a fact, a prediction or prophecy, if you will.

I will end here. If you want, I will continue this particular discussion in future channelings.