Messages 2006

Native American Values.

July 18, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Uharu.

I know you channeled that I said my ancient tribe did not know the evils of civilization. You also know that we native Californians were simply human, and that Europeans romanticized us as “noble savages.” So let me elaborate.

Certainly, members of our tribe did wrong things. It would be naive and unrealistic to believe otherwise. I wasn’t saying that we were perfect, for we were not. In fact, we had developed certain laws and principles to guide us, just as your laws guide you, and some of us strayed just as other people have in the human race.

No, I was referring to the degree of defilement. For, despite our imperfect nature, our society was so constructed that everyone’s needs were met. There was no real class struggle, and therefore no real oppression. Once a people’s needs are met, there is no real need for oppression, is there?

And, as is true of other Native tribes, we had a complicated and reverential relationship to Nature, which guaranteed a certain type of harmony amongst us. For us, the natural order was completely integrated into our ethos and our spiritual life.

The world must get back to a similar way of thinking and governing, and it will, by the workings of the Creator’s intentions and plans. And when this occurs, it will be plainly seen by the world’s people that our civilization, though preempted by the whites, all along had tremendous validity.

And the connotations of the word “civilization” will change, from the distortion it now has, to the affirmation of those values, no matter where practiced, that further human betterment and show the proper respect and reverence for life, Nature, and the Creator.


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