Messages 2006

A Native American Perspective on Life

April 11, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Uharu.

I am an Ohlone Native American who lived many hundreds of years ago in California, long before the Spaniards came. We Ohlonians wanted you to have an in-depth appreciation for the beauties and richness of the heritage of the Central Coast. We see that through your mediumship, we can bring our culture and way of thinking back into the world. We are so grateful to you and God for this.

Yes, I used the word “God,” for we firmly believed in a Creator God who is superior to His creation. We were not numerous by modern standards. And yet, as all other Native Americans, we lived in complete harmony with the environment. We had many traditions which called for ritual objects and many other sacred ornaments.

In our hearts, we felt responsible to our Creator. There was very little sin in our society because it was so constructed that everyone’s needs were met. It’s only in later so-called civilized societies that inequities arose, bringing murder, oppression, and greed into the world. So you see, we did not live that way, and could never conceive doing so.

This whole division of humanity into “civilized” and “primitive” has done the cause of God and the cause of humanity much harm. In our religion and our way of thinking, we could not conceive of making any such artificial divisions in humanity.

Many of the Spaniards who oppressed my people in later times have suffered in the hells. So what good was their Jesus to them, when they couldn’t even apply his teachings?

I will return another time. I wish you a lovely evening.