Messages 2006

Peace and Love are assured.

August 3, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Will Rogers.

You have obviously attracted me by reading my sayings. I really cared, and still do.

God’s promises will be fulfilled. You will have peace on Earth. Over here, we are working very hard toward this purpose, and we are succeeding in our goal.

Appearances are deceptive. The world is closer than it’s ever been to ending war, despite what is occurring. That is because continued war is strengthening the forces of goodness and peace. That is, those people who promote love and peace are digging in and holding to their commitment, so that when the political atmosphere shifts, as it inevitably will, they will have everything they need to promote their cause.

God wants peace, and so peace will come.

I never imagined that things would be as they are. That is, I never imagined the concerted energy of the good forces of this spirit world to be so strong.

For those who doubt this, who point to current events with disbelief, I say that peace will come as a result of certain psychological and natural laws, all of which God has created. Many, many individuals all over the world are committed to peace, and more join them every day. This is what we observe.

It is the human heart that must change, no matter what else is in power. And as hearts continue to change, so does the political landscape change. It is only a matter of time before this change shifts to the top.

In fact, it is the very fact that the forces of darkness are currently in control of your country, that is activating and fueling the thrust toward peace and love; it is an incentive, yes, a motor. God is doing it, and He is actively supporting the forces of goodness.

And when the smoke clears and peace comes, it will be seen as the work of the Lord, who watches over the Earth and is always working to have the good prevail.

I love all the people of the Earth.

Love, Will Rogers.


William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers (November 4, 1879 – August 15, 1935) was an American comedian, humorist, vaudeville performer and actor. (Source: Wikipedia)