Messages 2006

Moses’ inner life as a mortal.

October 25th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Moses.

I come today, as promised, to discuss my inner life as a mortal. I was a thinker - not a brooder, but a thinker. This trait blossomed when I left Egypt in turmoil.

Of course, as you well imagine, my life as a prince was not really conducive to deep and penetrating thought, though I at times did reflect on many things. My nature was to ponder things, but this was not really encouraged when I was a young prince. I would not say I was spoiled because I always had a good nature.

I perceived later in life how the difficulty and distress that arose as a result of my fleeing Egypt actually encouraged the development of many aspects of my character, and I attributed all this to the Lord, who I knew was working hard in my life for my own happiness.

It was the experience with the bush, what the Bible calls the Burning Bush, that changed everything forever. When I left Egypt, I had already had a glimpse of the Hebrew God, since I had become acquainted in earlier times with the way of thinking of the Hebrew slaves.

I would on occasion engage them in conversation. I thus established not only a rapport with them, but also a reputation of kindness toward them. This worked in my favor when I returned to Egypt to liberate them. They remembered my kindness and interest, and spread this around. I attributed this to Divine Providence. I see now that what was pushing me, as an Egyptian prince, to inquire into the Hebrew faith, was a passionate desire to know.

I was never shallow and superficial. I always saw the depth of things, and in the back of my mind, I admired not only the ideas and worldview of the slaves, but also their integrity and courage in holding such views in such difficult and dangerous circumstances.

The reigning Pharaoh actually did notice my propensity toward reflection, and he devised ways to prevent this. He felt that it could have been a threat, since my origins were Hebrew and not Egyptian. But he loved me dearly as a son because my nature was lovable. If he had had the desire to nurture this part of my personality, he would have done so. But as it was, I followed his lead, being a malleable child and adolescent.

But this trait was mine, and when I was thrown upon my own resources for the first time, that is, at the time I fled Egypt, these qualities came to the fore. Thus, my career as leader of the Hebrew slaves developed the best aspects of my personality, many of which had been dormant as an Egyptian prince.

As I progressed on my spiritual journey, God provided many things to satisfy this desire to know. Of course, I did not have the benefit of modern science and your contemporary modes of thought. But the main thing I did have was the Lord.

I found that I had a psychic nature, and this was the way I related to Him. Through this psychic nature, I would often inquire about many things, and God would invariably answer each question by bringing me situations that provided the answer.

Well, I will stop now.