Messages 2006

Jesus comments on masculine language in the Padgett Messages.

September 24, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Jesus.

Let me address the use of masculine language to describe humanity and God in the Padgett messages. We do understand that some people, particularly women, have objected to this. You fear this will be a barrier to receptivity.

People must be made to understand that mediumship is imperfect, and that the spirit, no matter how advanced, must conform to the limitations of the mortal medium. The times when the Padgett messages were received were different from now. In these ninety years, humanity has progressed greatly, and the emancipation of women heralds this advance.

We certainly encourage people to edit the messages by changing the gender of these words, or to refer to the Supreme Being in ways that these people are most comfortable with.

But those who feel strongly about this language issue must understand the circumstances and limitations we were up against. The culture and times were so very different. They must understand that this language limitation in no way lessens our higher perspective, enunciated in the messages themselves, that women are unquestionably equal to men in the eyes of God. God is way beyond any gender or any other anthropomorphic conception.

When I said in a previous message you channeled that the messages had to come through exactly as they did, I was referring to their truth in describing the higher Truths. I did not mean to say that this masculine language necessarily had to be as it was. But considering these limitations, I say again that we all feel it was a wonderful success.

For those who can’t get past this language issue, I say, the problem arises from societal problems originating in humanity and not in God. Thus, God’s Truths, no matter in what language they are clothed, remain the same.

You can also point out that some people, like yourself, are actually comfortable referring to God in the masculine.

These people must perceive Mr. Padgett in his social milieu, for that is where the messages arose. To completely reject these messages because of what is called sexist language is to miss one’s very salvation.

Earth life is imperfect, but the Truths of God are perfect. And one of these Truths is that God has no human gender. …another great Truth is that women are men’s equal in every conceivable way.

To those people with this issue, I say, search your heart. Find there a yearning to know God, to experience this wonderful Love, and if you succeed, you will be able to put this admittedly important issue in its proper perspective.