Messages 2006

Moses on Judaism and Christianity.

October 24th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Moses.

Let me continue my discussion of the previous channeling on my comments regarding Judaism.

You know that there has traditionally been a great hostility between Christianity and Judaism. Jews have felt that the very idea of Christianity negates their faith. This, plus the presence of ideas antithetical to their faith, such as the Trinity and Jesus being God, has driven them away from Jesus. And when you add the virulent anti-Semitism typical of so many Gentile so-called “Christians,” it is completely understandable how this hostility came to be.

But suppose one of their own (meaning you) tells them that Jesus is not God, and God is not three in one. Suppose you show them that the idea that the Law will be written “in their inward parts” is completely Jewish, originating in two major Jewish prophets.

Now, of course, some Jews will continue to yield to their own penchant to discard Jesus’ message. But there will be other Jews not turned off by the tragic history who will consider this. And indeed, this has already occurred.

The problem resides in the erroneous beliefs of the Orthodox Christians, and in the centuries-old persecution of the Jewish people by Jesus’ so-called followers, and not in the message itself. So God will work to strip away the “baggage.”

From what you have observed, many Jews have held tenaciously to their faith. But you would be surprised to learn how many Jews would be fairly open to a respectful dialogue. The problem is that too often, this dialogue has not been respectful at all.

And then there is the problem of the traditions. Well, Jews can pray for the Divine Love while they are engaged in their Jewish journey. We do not advocate the destruction of any religion. All we want is for people to pray for the Divine Love.

So that the comment I made, about Judaism in its religious aspect gradually disappearing, turns out to be a fulfillment of Torah itself. But I am helping you to see that, given the proper context and the proper respectful attitude, amazing things can be accomplished.

So you must think more Celestially about this matter, and if you do, I guarantee that you will feel less and less that my comment is unreasonable.