Messages 2006

Thoughts of a Pilgrim Leader.

December 14, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, William Bradford.

I come this evening to comfort you and let you know that we are all with you, and that this will all have a happy outcome. Look into your past, and you will remember so many difficult circumstances that turned out fine, and this will turn out well as well.

Yes, you find it fascinating reading my book [Of Plymouth Plantation]. We really had quite a hard time of it. But we had faith, and this enabled us to go forward with confidence. Yes, our faith was strong.

Let me talk about the future. History is not a blind, haphazard coincidence of events. It is directed by an all-powerful God who wills certain things, which are enabled by human free-will choices. What confuses people is that evil often seems to win. But if one looks more closely at History, one finds that generally, evil people, even in earth life, reap what they have sown.

Because of the dire circumstances posed by America’s destructive tendencies and the threat to the environment, something needs to be done to reverse this pattern. So God will implement certain changes which will enable humanity to correctly govern itself so that this destruction is averted.

Many people in your time do not perceive what was so clear to us Pilgrims, that there is a Providence to events, directed by a loving, caring God. But many like you do see this.

Let me get back to your work difficulties. If you can make the jump to perceiving that these difficulties are completely benign, and that there will never, ever be a time in your life when you will be deprived of the material necessities, you will see these things in a completely different light - that is, as ultimately unimportant. And once you perceive that, the next insight will be that the heavenly things and your mission are of ultimate importance.

And finally, you will clearly see how the former is intended to strengthen the latter. That is why this difficulty is in your life. So, they become important only insofar as they strengthen your soul. You need at this crucial time to be focusing your mind and soul on your coming mission, and not on worry and self-condemnation. If you are less than perfect at work, so what. What matters is that your soul is growing.

America will be true to herself. And this will happen by the will of the American people themselves. The American political landscape will be transformed to more accurately reflect the true needs of the American people. In this process, many, many spirits will be assisting. And in this endeavor, we Pilgrims will be prominent, for we perceive that what we started has its base in spiritual Truth.

So go forward confidently, knowing that there is a powerful spiritual presence supporting you. And know that one day, you will be given every opportunity to tell the world what is burning in your heart.


William Bradford (1590 – May 9, 1657) was a leader of the Pilgrim settlers of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, and became Governor of the Plymouth Colony. He was the second signer and primary architect of the Mayflower Compact. As Governor of Plymouth, Bradford is also credited as being the first to proclaim what popular American culture viewed as the first Thanksgiving. (Source: Wikipedia)