Messages 2006

Henry James Sr. experiences the New Birth.

June 15, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Henry James, Sr.

It is such a joy to write a message to Earth. I have been waiting to do so for such a long time.

You are wondering what I currently think of Swedenborg. [He had been interested in Swedenborg.] Well, I was present throughout the reception of the Padgett messages, and read what Swedenborg himself had to say.1 I had wondered about many things he wrote, but I always felt that there was a great substance of Truth to it.

I realize in hindsight that I did not have the same feeling of coming home that I now have. The New Birth is now my reality, and this is the Substance of what I was seeking. But I am grateful to Swedenborg’s writings for showing me many Truths, particularly the truth of the afterlife.

Even though the Padgett messages speak negatively about certain aspects of his thought, one should realize that in spite of being, as he called it, a failure, he did perform a vital function in describing things about the spirit world that were previously completely unknown.

I do not regret at all my earthly devotion to Swedenborg. Indeed, I am not alone in feeling this way. It would be good for those who believe in the Padgett messages to realize that there are many positive things to be gained in reading Swedenborg.

His messages received through Mr. Padgett were part of a plan by Jesus and the Celestial Kingdom to reveal the New Birth of the soul in God’s Love. But if you read those messages carefully, you will realize that they do not negate all the Truth he revealed, even though the greater Truth was not revealed.

It is the same situation in regard to the Bible. And when Mark Kramer’s book2 is disseminated, it will be seen that the Bible is not the enemy of the Padgett messages at all, but its loyal friend.

I know you didn’t know what I would say, and you are pleased that once again, you were able to bring through something completely unanticipated.

The time is coming when you will be able to channel facts and dates, just like other mediums who are non-Celestial. There is a reason why this has not yet occurred, but at the appropriate time, it will happen.

We all send you our fondest best wishes for happiness and fulfillment.


Henry James, Sr.


1 In the message referred to above, Swedenborg is being quite hard on himself, it would appear. In this sub-menu are listed all the messages concerning Swedenborg, and if one were to study his works, undoubtedly some truth would also be found, along with error. As the medium was concerned about how accurately he had received this message, he asked for clarification. This was received in this message from Jesus.


2 Sadly this never happened.


Henry James Sr. (June 3, 1811, Albany, New York - December 18, 1882, Boston, Massachusetts) was an American theologian and Swedenborgian, best known as the father of the philosopher William James, novelist Henry James, and diarist Alice James.(from Wikipedia)