Padgett's Messages

Messages Concerning Swedenborg.

These messages are all the references to Swedenborg, other than some very passing, and irrelevant messages. After some exchanges with followers of Swedenborg, I am of the view that these messages do not sufficiently explain the differences between what we as followers of the Padgett messages believe and understand, and what Swedenborg taught. In particular, Swedenborg understood that the Father’s primary attribute is Love, and the word Divine Love is used many many times in the 7.5 million words he wrote, in some 32 books.

If I quote here an extract from a follower of Swedenborg, regarding the meaning of Divine Love, one can distinguish this from our teaching, that it is a special emanation, received only in response to a direct request by the mortal.

“Of course, the Divine love continually flows into everything and keeps everything in existence every moment. If the Divine love were withdrawn for even a nanosecond, the thing it was withdrawn from would instantly cease to exist. However, because of the multi-layered nature of reality, when that love flows in, it becomes transformed into a lower level of reality as it flows down the layers, so that it is no longer being (or love) in itself, but is a derived and created being, or love. This is the only way in which we can receive the Divine love (and wisdom) into ourselves. Because of this ‘mechanism’ of correspondential relationships, though everything we have is from God and is continually sustained by God, nothing we have that is ‘us’ can truly be said to be divine. We are derived, or created being–simply vessels receptive of the divine–while God is being in itself.” - a follower of Swedenborg.

As this particular individual was or is involved in the training of ministers in this religion, it is clear that for all his words, Swedenborg did not understand what was shared with James Padgett by Jesus, and hence confirms the views expressed by Swedenborg himself in these messages below.

Author Title Date of Message
Soloman Solomon writes of Mr. Padgett’s selection by Jesus. October 1st, 1915.
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that Solomon wrote through Mr. Padgett. October 1st, 1915.
Swedenborg Swedenborg does not want Mr. Padgett to be a failure in his work for the Kingdom as he was. December 23rd, 1917
Helen Padgett Helen says that Swedenborg wrote with authority. December 23rd, 1917
Swedenborg Swedenborg - A message of encouragement.  
Swedenborg Swedenborg - Did not know of the Divine Love as contradistinguished from the natural love. April 8th, 1917
Luke Luke - Affirms that Swedenborg wrote. Importance of errors being corrected in his writings. April 8th, 1917
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that Swedenborg wrote. April 8th, 1917
Martin Luther Luther comments on Swedenborgian pamphlet entitled “Incarnate God” February 28th, 1917
Helen Padgett Helen affirms that Luther wrote on “Incarnate God.” February 28th, 1917
Chauncey Giles Chauncey Giles changes his belief about Jesus being God. February 28th, 1917
Emerson Emerson does not believe in the Divine Love; his home is in the Sixth Sphere.  
Swedenborg Swedenborg writes on the hells. December 17th, 1915
Herod Herod writes on the hells. Corroborates Swedenborg’s message on the hells. December 18th, 1915
John John -The truth as to the Hells. December 18th, 1915
Ingersoll Ingersoll comments on the teachings of Swedenborg while on earth. March 29th, 1917
Jesus A clarification concerning Swedenborg February 1984
John Laws of rapport, continued. January 4th, 1918
Henry James Sr. Henry James Sr. experiences the New Birth. June 15th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on James’ message. June 17th, 2006