Messages 2006

Rules of the game.

July 20, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear K…, as you know, we are always here and available to deliver our thoughts through available Celestial mediums, even when we do not have any specific message to deliver, we never run out of information to convey. As the messages you’ve been sharing with others on the Board have been saying, there will never be an end to the truths of the Father’s provisions and higher information which will be forthcoming when humankind becomes transformed into divine souls.

In the meantime, all a person has to do is love God and themselves and have faith that all God’s laws have been created to help His children grow in their spiritual qualities. The reason lessons sometimes seem harsh is for the purpose of making it more prudent to follow in the loving way. A person eventually ‘gets-it’ - if they continue to look upon the dark side of life, they will stay longer in darkness. Like attracts like. If a person fails to have love for him or herself, they will fail to acknowledge their own lovability, their own specialness to God, their Creator. And therefore, it will take them longer to come up from their unhappy state.

Oftentimes people may not even be aware of the fact that they have very little self-love, or that they have quite large blocks, or even that they are unhappy; it’s often a case of not missing something one has not experienced. But in the scheme of things created by God, when a person is seeking truth and desiring to activate the highest potential of their soul, their internal restlessness comes to the fore and causes unrest. They strive to understand what the source of this feeling is and discover they have a hunger to learn something, and it seems to be coming from inside themselves.

One thing leads to another: their spiritual guides put things in their path which help bring answers to their heartfelt questions and they become enlightened. A person on a spiritual quest finds comfort in subtle, inspirational unfoldings. They begin to become aware of the unique experience of ‘finding’ answers to their unspoken questions in coincidental ways, and develop faith in a higher or unseen energy which is guiding them in the fulfillment of their spiritual seeking.

If you are wondering why it takes so long for real and meaningful changes to come about, wonder no more because on top of all the slowness of a person’s ability to ‘get-it’ that God is there trying to lead His children into the Light of Love, there are millions of low spirits trying to make sure no one becomes aware of that Light. It is their highest motivation because their souls’ love is covered up by darkness and despair. “Misery loves company” comes to mind. So it is even more crucial that seekers of truth and Love become steadfast in their search and apply the rules of the game in real and dedicated ways, to rise above all the negative influences which abound on earth.

If you notice that you have a bad attitude about something or someone, stop for a moment and pray for that situation, send love to the people involved, put it into God’s Hands and ask the angels to pour their influences into the situation. Do not continue to have a bad attitude or negative thoughts, for they will only tend to bring you down and allow you to be open to the influences of the lower spirits.

We are here for you and with you whenever you want us to be, and when you ask for our help. But you need to open your hearts to our input before it can be given to you. It’s similar to asking for God’s Love, He does not give It to any of His children unless they want It. If a child is seeking spiritual truth and wanting to come into alignment with God’s will, that child will be opening her heart to the inflowing of God’s Love.

Humble, devout seekers, wanting to grasp God’s intentions for their life, will be finding their way to the Higher Heavens. It devolves upon the individual to activate their soulful seeking in order to overcome their limitations, remove their blocks, and get over the effects of their negative experiences. Some may say they have heard it all before, but if they are still suffering I might suggest even if they know the rules, or understand the problem, perhaps they have not yet turned it around. They may not be praying for, and sending love to any and all who seem to be opposing their perspective.

Okay, now you know the rules and how to play the game, so it is up to you, each individual soul, to follow in the Way of Love. God blesses you, accept His blessings by acknowledging your goodness and ability to grow spiritually by setting your blocks to rest and blossoming in the Love.

I will leave you now with my blessings and thank you for taking my message. I am your friend and brother in Christ, Peter the Apostle of Jesus and a Celestial Angel Spirit.