Messages 2006

The Second Coming.

May 21, 2006

Troup, Texas

Received by D.B.


As we begin Daniel, there are several others here who would like to form a band of light around you and I want you to visualize this. I am your friend and brother in Christ, James Padgett, the one whom the Master chose as his medium of truth in 1915. There are many who would like to challenge and discredit this work that Jesus and I successfully achieved as it is the nature of the mind to have doubt and speculation about these things.

As you know, when one first reads these messages from Jesus and corroborating writers, such as the apostles, there is overwhelming evidence that supports the authenticity of these messages. There was a purpose and a plan with respect to how the truths were presented as it was done under the tutelage of Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.

There has been much dialogue about literal vs. interpretation with respect to the body of this work and essentially this is the problem that exists between the Mother Church and subsequent churches and between individuals here on the DLF. Let us examine for a moment this application to a truth, which I will call a “safe truth”, for the purpose of illustration. God is Love, is a truth and is the highest truth in this universe. The literal truth of this is that God is Pure Love and that which is loving, cannot do that which is un-loving. There are other attributes attributed to God, such as being a jealous God or a God of judgment and vengeance. These attributes are the invention of man as he fashions God in his own image and with concepts that are familiar with the material mind. My point here is that one could argue that God is not only loving but is also jealous and vengeful, however being the personal opinion and interpretation of a mortal. This belief could form one’s “My Truth” principal with respect to God and yet be completely erroneous. As to this illustration, the “Truth” is, that God is Love, does not judge, is not jealous or vengeful. This is an absolute, literal and viable truth that is not dependant upon the awareness or acceptance of mortals. Truth Is.

I’ll cut to the chase with respect to the revelation from Jesus, “The Second Coming”. Jesus and I discussed this revelation and others, shortly after my passing into the spirit world. I still had some doubts about some of these things that were written as I wanted to know the “real truth”, not just my truth. What Jesus told me was that he chose the language used, as to the “Second Coming”, and that he does not choose to edit or to change it. I know there are some among you who disagree, however I will say that editing is a tricky and controversial task, as it invites the human intellect and mortal contamination in the translation. It is for this reason, that the Mother Church has taken a strong position on the subject of editing.

I’ll not be critical of others efforts at bringing these messages of the Divine Love to the general public, as it is admirable work. It is one thing though, to clean up spelling, grammar and sentence structure and yet another to re-interpret what was originally a literal presentation of “Truth”.

Last year there was among you1, one who chose to re-interpret reincarnation and further, that he was the reincarnation of Jesus. He claimed new knowledge or “new truth” that apparently supplanted “old truth”. The fact remains that reincarnation does not exist, according to God’s Laws. What changed was one persons interpretation as it formed “his truth”, but not “The Truth”. This is a classic example of one meddling with the Laws of God, as this person will pay a penalty for his misinformation and misguiding of his followers. In addition to this anomaly, this member chose to also interpret that he was the reincarnation of Jesus and was the “Second Coming”, in the flesh, according to prophecy. Jesus has told us through his revelations to Padgett, that he will never return in the flesh as Prince Michael. This is a “literal truth”.

What I am trying to say here is, that many honest and sincere men and women have interpreted Jesus’ teachings since his passing into the world of spirits years ago. There are many spurious claims, beliefs, opinions and “my truths”, each putting a different spin on the truth. Not everyone can be correct, as there are immutable truths, that do not change by debate, reasoning or speculation.

The “Second Coming”, as fulfilled by the messages I received from Jesus, marked the beginning of the “Second Coming” and the on-going revelation of truth from the Celestial Heavens. In other words, you are living in the period of the “Second Coming”, as it began with Jesus’ revelations through me and continues with contemporary messages of truth. The core teachings of the Master were embodied and fulfilled in the messages I received from him, however in no way limits the continued revelations of truth that flow between Celestial Spirit and mortal. Many of the “Truths” will not be surpassed by what Jesus revealed to me as they formed his core teachings, however many revelations of truth will continue to flow as the greater fulfillment of the “Second Coming”.

I hope these thoughts clarify some of the confusion herein regarding the “Second Coming”.


Note: 1 A personal comment on this individual is located here.