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A. J. Miller - is he a reincarnated “Jesus”?

I had hoped to avoid public comment on this issue. Because, whatever I say, it is obviously my personal opinion. However now that there is so much speculation on the Internet, because A.J., as he is known, is receiving a lot of publicity, I cannot really avoid some comment. Particularly since this web site that I created, is considered by many to be the most comprehensive of all the many Divine Love sites.

Firstly, what association do I have with A.J.? None. So why do I care? Well A.J. has since 2004 claimed that he is the author (because he says he is Jesus) of a little known but massive set of spiritual teachings received 100 years ago which I hold very dear. If this were not the case, I would probably never have heard of A.J. and there the matter would lie. This massive set of teachings are called the Padgett Messages and are what this web site is based on.

Now for a quick summary of this page, in case you don’t want to read the details. The overwhelming majority of long term followers of the Padgett Messages do not accept that A.J. Miller is Jesus. Secondly, the overwhelming majority of long time practitioners of the teachings embodied in the Padgett Messages reject A.J.’s spin on these simple teachings which have proven themselves to each and every one of us. In fact I only know of two, out of many hundreds who are willing to give him any credence at all.

Now back to the start of things. In December 2004, A.J. posted for the very first time on the main Divine Love Message board, and explained that he was one of 14 who had reincarnated (apostles plus soul mates), to teach the world of the Padgett Messages before the heavens closed - this was the reason he gave us as to WHY he was here again. I believe the date he stated was 2012, but more recently I hear A.J. has moved the date out. There were a number of obvious objections to this claim:

  1. That the Padgett Messages deny reincarnation is possible, and the most recent messages from Jesus on this very subject was received March 10th, 1955 and again on January 10th 1990.
  2. A.J. was born, as far as I know on 10th March 1963, after one of these communications and before the other, indicating something is strange, because “our” Jesus did not mention being on earth at that time, particularly since he was stating reincarnation is false.
  3. We have continued to receive communications from Jesus through all this time, and he has been a regular visitor to the annual spiritual retreats held by followers of the Padgett Messages.
  4. While the Padgett Messages support the notion that the Celestial Heavens will close, communications have suggested (long before A.J. made this claim in 2004) that we do not need to worry about this event. It is not imminent - not even in the next 1,000 years.
  5. We have never received any communications from any Celestial (a discarnate ex-mortal being who has reached an advanced level of spiritual progress - rebirth by spirit) to tell us that Jesus had returned, and we certainly would have expected that well in advance of his arrival, and at the very least before 2004 when he announced himself. We have been receiving messages from Celestials including Jesus since 1914 (James Padgett died in 1923), and there have been many different mediums over this long period of time. Lots and lots of opportunity to hear some really good news. As an example of angelic preparations, we understand that Melchizedek came here to teach Abraham as a first step to preparing a religious group into which the messiah could be born. That’s 1,973 years before Jesus was born. I think if everything else is ignored, this has to be a serious problem that A.J. can’t really talk himself out of by suggesting it was too urgent to get news of his return. He was born in 1963, and even if there was no time prior to his being born, there were still nearly 40 years available for an announcement before he “remembered” in 2004 that he is Jesus.
  6. We have received spirit communications about A.J. which are not supportive of his claims but as of this time have not made them public, not wishing to enter into a “message war”. However this message from James Padgett is published on this site. In November 2018 Jesus himself answered this matter while in the presence of a believer in A.J. Miller as Jesus on earth.

I myself have a number of other objections, based on things I hold to be true, which are not covered in the Padgett Messages, so I will not touch on them here. A.J. has his answers to these objections, namely that all messages received from pretty much all spirit communicators since the time of Padgett (1923) have been impostors. However he does support the recent messages received via Judas, (2001 to 2003) possibly because they do not address the issue of reincarnation. However Judas had every opportunity to suggest Jesus was on Earth, yet he never did so, the more so since the bulk of Judas’ communications were details about the life of Jesus 2000 years ago. His messages concluded in 2003. Added to which Judas himself told us the closing of the Celestial Heavens is not imminent, in 2001.

Naturally we have asked for advice from the celestials we have been in touch with all these years. The answer we get is that A.J. is not Jesus of Nazareth reincarnated. It would be fair to point out that A.J. has now a body of messages that his followers have received, that support his claim. However it is also fair for us to point out that the Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) currently with A.J., is not the first, nor the second, but the third Mary Magdalene he has chosen. Of the balance of the 14 that he claimed had reincarnated with him, only two that I am aware of still believe in A.J. Some of them strangely never did. One, John Kreppold, is dead, murdered by an individual not connected with A.J.

In 2004, when A.J. first made the claim, the notion of 14 people (Jesus plus six apostles plus their partners who he said were all soulmates) all in sync and teaching that they are returned apostles alongside the Master was a powerful argument and worthy of close investigation. Today it is all but hollow. Other than the current Mary, who is not even the Mary that was “chosen” or “identified” by A.J. as his soulmate in 2004, only one (Cornelius) seems willing to stand and be counted alongside A.J. But “Cornelius” the centurion is newly found, because he was not actually mentioned in 2004. So he has added some new “apostles” and left off some he named in 2004, who one presumes, have not been found, in particular Ann Rollins. So even his initial declaration in 2004 has not proved accurate by his own standards.

You may be sure that I personally would like nothing better than to be able to announce that AJ is who he says he is. Thus the burden of proof is heavy. And I am satisfied that I have discerned the truth - that he is not the Master, Jesus of Nazareth. You will have to make up your own mind too.

In May 2013 a reporter for TVNZ quotes this about A.J.’s teachings:

Jesus teaches that God’s divine love is the best thing you’ll ever experience - and it’s available to everyone. However you’re not going to tap into it unless you can first clear your “soul” of anger, fear and pain.

And this is the basis of our major objection to A.J. He is making Father’s unconditional Love conditional - conditional on doing what A.J. says you should do. We know from personal experience that there is only one barrier, an inability to express natural love by the human. The Padgett Messages are full of examples of sinful ex-mortals deep in the hells managing to receive Father’s Divine Love, and thereby purifying their souls. We most certainly do not need any special conditioning to receive this unique gift from Father.

Also it seems that he teaches a number of concepts alien to the Padgett Messages. If you choose to follow A.J., it would probably be best to test the Truth of his teachings, rather than accept them because you believe he is Jesus. Which, when you think about it, is how it was 2000 years ago.

And, as best I have been able to determine, even though A.J. accepts the fundamental premise of the Padgett Messages, that Divine Love exists and is vitally important to our spiritual progress, he is teaching a significant number of variations on what is found in the Padgett Messages. These are primarily in the area of the role of emotions in blocking Divine Love, the function of the Law of Attraction (but even that is not the LOA found in Padgett, but the Law of Desire), soulmates and even the nature of divinity as it relates to a soul that has been reborn of spirit. We have received a very specific message on the nature of expiation that contradicts this teaching.

You may wonder why it is relevant that A.J. is teaching things significantly at variance with the content of the Padgett Messages? Well he claims he authored these, and yet only 100 years later he is not sticking to what he so painstakingly delivered over a nine year period, spanning some 2,500 communications. Which is about twice the volume of the entire Christian Bible. (Although Jesus himself only delivered about 240 of these messages.)

He also has a very significant problem explaining why he is not perfect, since Jesus clearly was 2,000 years ago. He also denies that healing is relevant, and he personally makes no attempts to heal in spite of the Jesus 2000 years ago being a regular and incredibly powerful healer. He indicates that an individual requiring healing has brought this upon themselves, and cannot avoid the real problem by obtaining a healing that he maintains will only be temporary. Having personally sent healing to brain damaged folks who were beaten close to death, I find this attitude totally without love. And if Father is willing to send this healing energy to needy folks, who is A.J. to complain?

The issue of the emotions blocking the receipt of Divine Love is curious, given that it was channeled in 1918 that the Law of Compensation is subordinate to the Law of Divine Love, meaning that any errors you have acquired in life, do not need to be compensated for before you can receive Divine Love. Yet in effect this is what A.J. teaches. Read this recent message for clarity on emotions and how to address any issues that may lie in this area. However A.J. is correct that if one wishes to advance as expeditiously as possible, one should address those triggers that result in unloving behaviour. The existence of these do not prevent one receiving Divine Love, but they will be very slow to dissolve if the individual is not willing to release them. So, in effect, one appears to plateau in ones growth if one refuses to address these on Earth. But there is more than one way to resolve these, and the method A.J. has chosen is neither the fastest, nor even the most appropriate for everyone. This communication is, I think, exceptional in explaining the issue.

One issue however deserves further comment. It is curious that A.J.’s determination to focus on “Emotional Clearing” as a technique to advance spiritually, has the direct effect of reducing his focus on pure soul transformation through Divine Love - achieving the New Birth. That is because one cannot focus on two things, and he has chosen to direct his energies into a natural love path technique, in a belief that this will assist the Divine Love soul progress. Recent communication from celestials has confirmed this to be an error. This is discussed in more detail here. While progress in the development of natural love is a wonderful thing, it in no way contributes to one’s soul transformation via Divine Love.

While I personally do not care too much what A.J. does or believes, I think the real danger lies in the fact (to me at least) that the basis of his fundamental teachings on Divine Love are both provable, and largely unknown. This is the fact that each of us can physically feel the Divine Love in our souls, if we make the right effort. But we remain very concerned that he teaches this love is CONDITIONAL. Conditional on you achieving some sort of “purity” of soul by following his recipe for emotional clearing. However, as best I can determine, A.J.’s explanation of what Divine Love physically feels like is not in accord with 100 years of experience by others. And in spite of his now having spent eleven years sharing his “better way”, there is scant evidence of that. There is only one way - sincere regular devout prayer to Father asking for the inflowing of His Love.

But do use the prayer referred to above, as that will help. Again its curious that it seems A.J. does not make a habit of using this prayer during his public appearances, because we certainly do. Nor does he seem to suggest that folks spend time in silent prayer, which also is very effective. And, to add to our concerns, in a public seminar held in London on the 21st January 2012, A.J. said he personally had not experienced the Divine Love for a year. What? The “master teacher” can’t feel the Love? He also defined what he believes is experienced as Divine Love, and his explanation does not align with those who have walked this path the last 100 years. His explanation is that it is experienced as “ overwhelming emotions and crying.” Nothing there about “the peace that knows no understanding”.

As I am based in Sydney1, NSW, Australia, any follower of A.J. who would like to talk about things that are perhaps worrying them, is most welcome to contact me through the contact form. I also run meditation/prayer sessions on a regular basis where we do experience “the peace that knows no understanding.” We now call these “Circles of Light.”

April 2018.

Note 1 In early 2023 I moved to Robertson, NSW in the Southern Highlands.