Frequently Asked Questions

Would a “Jesus” reincarnate according to the Urantia Book?

A.J. (A.J. Miller) does not refer to the Urantia Book. I suspect he has looked at it - he is very well read. In this commentary, I will attempt to address the credibility of there being a reincarnated Jesus to someone who follows the Urantia Book.

While the Urantia Book is certainly different in content and style, in my opinion it is a substantial corroboration for all that James Padgett chanelled. (But many others cannot see this to be so.) So its not a totally left field source, in my opinion.

Firstly, according to the Urantia Book, Jesus is a Creator Son, who existed a very long time (billions of years running his sub-universe) before he spent a meagre 36 years here. It also goes into a lot of detail on why he came here, and what he did here, and the rules he was to obey in being here. But let’s start with reincarnation. The Urantia Book says this does not occur for us humans. So, point blank, A.J. Miller could not have “reincarnated” here, unless he decides he is not human, but an “avatar”. Curiously however it offers insights into how Jesus did come here originally, and also how at least one other “avatar” came here. Because you will quickly say, if Jesus came here once, surely he could come here again? But to answer that, you need to understand that he came here to experience life ONCE as a human, in this realm. He had on another occasion already experienced life in the realm we go to after death, what Padgett called the Spirit Spheres. So he had absolutely no need to return here, and because we have details about how Machieventa Melchizedek came here to teach Abraham, it is very clear that if he needed to send someone, he could.

Bear in mind too, that according to the Urantia Book, Jesus (aka Michael of Nebadon) is a rather busy guy. He runs a sub-universe that ultimately will hold a million inhabited planets. He had a very good reason to come here the first time, and in particular to be born of a woman, but the notion that he personally needs to come here to tell us that the heavens will close, is incredibly far fetched. And if he really did need to, we can see that he could materialise as an adult male, and just tell us. In fact in my opinion he has been here a number of times in the flesh, but that is not told in the Urantia Book. It was witnessed by a number of American scientists in India, about 100 years ago, and recorded in a series of books by T Baird Spalding. (Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East) Bear in mind that A.J. will tell you that he only “woke up” to being Jesus about fifteen years ago, in his late thirties. And he acknowledges that he is not “at-one” with God, which stage Jesus reached with his baptism by John the Baptist, at age 31. All in all, the “return” by A.J. would rank as a total disaster, in the eyes of any objective observer, never mind one who follows the Urantia Book.

What then of Mary Magdalene, his soul mate? Well soul mates is not a topic discussed anywhere in the Urantia Book. But since Jesus is not a human like you or I, he could not have a soul mate such as Mary Magdalene since she is a human. The Urantia Book does explain that Jesus has a “consort,” an incredibly gifted and powerful being called Nebadonia, who in her own right is a creator of many beings and aspects of this sub-universe of Nebadon. So a follower of the Urantia Book might well consider that if A.J. is Michael of Nebadon, he is “two timing.” Added to which the Urantia Book explains that a part of rules by which Jesus was to come here, was that he leave no seed. A.J. already has children, by a previous marriage. A.J. however tells that he was married to Mary Magdalene 2000 years ago, and they claim they had a daughter.

A.J. also tells that he reached the 22nd Celestial Sphere, where he learnt how to reincarnate, as an explanation as to why the Jesus talking to James Padgett about 90 years ago, said that it was not possible to reincarnate. Well even in Padgett we hear that spheres beyond the seventh, are not numbered, and in the Urantia Book that is certainly true. That book has a lot of details about the places that exist, and their names, yet A.J. does not use any of those names for where he has been?

In short, there is absolutely no way a follower of the Urantia Book would accept any part of A.J.’s story.